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Delay in fetal development: everything you need to know

As you can guess from the name itself, thisThe problem is due to the lag in the physical development of the child, who is still in the womb. Among doctors, these babies are sometimes called "small". Usually, these children are born before it is necessary for a normal course of pregnancy. As a rule, the gestational age does not reach 36 weeks. Of all the children who have a delay in intrauterine development, only 5-6% of the time are born.

Varieties and severity of fetal development retardation

The delay in fetal development can be both symmetric and asymmetric. With a symmetrical delay Correspondence of mass of a body to the general growth is observedThe kid. That is, if there is a deficit of body weight, then self-organization is less developed. In other words, the fetus as a whole is developed harmoniously, just a little less than it should be, according to the woman's pregnancy.

With asymmetric delay Development of the child is developed as prescribedTerm pregnancy, but there is a shortage of body mass. In other words, he has normal growth and a circle of the head, but he weighs it much less than he should. It is worth noting that according to the observations of the doctors, asymmetric delay in the development of the fetus is much more common than the asymmetric one.

In addition to the varieties, intrauterine retentionDevelopment of fetuses (ZVRP) is also assessed by severity. The higher the degree of MWR, it is more safe for health, and in some cases even for the future child's life.

  • I degree - the fetus is delayed in its development for 2 weeks
  • II degree - the fetus is delayed in its development by 3-4 weeks
  • III degree - the fetus is delayed in development for more than 4 weeks.

Why there is a delay in the development of the fetus

Of course, the fetus can be delayed in development is not so simple. There are reasons for everything and this situation is by no means an exception. Let's consider the main causes of fetal development retardation:

  • Impaired metabolism of the fetus;
  • Very poor diet of a woman;
  • Smoking and the use of alcoholic beverages in large quantities by the mother during pregnancy;
  • Anomalies in sets of chromosomes;
  • Transferred by the mother during pregnancy, viral diseases (especially herpes, toxoplasmosis and rubella);
  • Abnormal work of the placenta (insufficient supply of the baby with nutrients). Sometimes this is a consequence of severe gestosis;
  • Negative impact of the external environment (bad ecology, high level of radiation, etc.);
  • Uncontrolled acceptance of certain medicines.

If smoking, drinking alcohol andStrong medicinal preparations, as well as poor environmental conditions, practically do not raise questions, since any future mother understands that this can lead to various violations in the development of the fetus, other reasons should be considered in more detail.

Wrong operation of the placenta, and if you talkLanguage of doctors, then fetoplacental insufficiency is one of the most frequent causes of ZVRP.Pri this often takes place is an asymmetric delay in development. Because the placenta is unable to supply a baby with enough nutrients, the child does not have the opportunity to develop normally. Phytoplacental insufficiency can develop due to gestosis, and also from the bad development of the umbilical cord. Also very often this happens during a lot of pregnancy.

However, it is often accurate to establish the cause of the WWRPalmost impossible. Doctors can only make assumptions based on common analyzes of women's grievances. It often happens that the delay in development is not caused by one, but several reasons.

Symptoms of fetal development retardation

Unfortunately, this pathology does not have enoughExpressed signs that a woman could with 100th confidence determine its presence. It is timely to note that the fetus does not develop properly, it is possible only with a regular visit to the doctor.

People often find such an opinion thatIf the woman during pregnancy gains very little weight, then the fruit is delayed development. In fact, this is not a true statement. It happens that there are women who get a lot of excess weight during pregnancy, the baby is still delayed in development. Although there are also critical situations, when a pregnant woman suddenly decides to lose excess pounds and will sit on the strictest diet. Here, any person will understand that the futuremama in this situation greatly risks the health of his unborn baby.

A high degree of delay can sometimes be determinedBy how much and often the child moves in the abdomen. If a woman noticed that the fetus began to move much less often and his tremors became weaker, then she must quickly call an ambulance and undergo a survey.

How is the examination?

First the doctor always examines the woman. If it is noticed that the mat is smaller than the size that is laid on this date, then it sends the future mother to ultrasound, since there is an assumption that the baby is less than it should be.

During the ultrasound, the specialist will produce a measurement of the circumference of the head and tummy of the baby, as well as the length of his thigh. The approximate weight of the child will be calculated.

After the ultrasound, the expectant mother can also be sent toDopplerometric examination. Thanks to him, doctors will be able to assess the condition of the vessels of the placenta and umbilical cord and determine whether there are abnormalities of the bladder. Finally, cardiotocography of intrauterine fetus will be performed, thanks to which doctors will be able to determine in what state the baby is now, and also to find out whether hypoxia is present.

How to treat delayed fetal development?

ZRVP must be treated as soon as possible,To prevent it from growing into a serious degree. The only case when the doctor can wait a little with taking measures, is the delay of fetal development at one week, but in no case more. But in this case, the doctor can observe the baby for no more than 5-7 days, and if there are no improvements, he should immediately begin therapy.

Treatment with medicines

In order to eliminate the delay in developmentFetus, the doctor, as a rule, prescribes medicines, the action of which is directed by the nato in order to improve the blood flow in the placenta. In addition, usually prescribed kursitamins to support the mother and baby.


The diet of a pregnant woman should beCompletely balanced. In the menu must be present vegetables, fruits, as well as dairy products. It is especially recommended to eat foods that contain proteins, as the need for them will increase dramatically.

In any case, the delay in fetal development is not a verdict in any case. This problem can be eliminated if in time to turn to inattention and conduct appropriate treatment.

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