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Unloading day on the water

Basics of a day off on the water

Special distinctive features from the usualThere is no unloading day for weight loss on the water. Only one - during the whole discharge period, one should use only water instead of food for the entire time. The average norm to drink is about three or four liters of regular water. It should be purified water, which should be used properly. It is important to evenly distribute the entire volume that you need to drink. For example, drink one glass of clean water at intervals through time-specific intervals.

One-time fluid intake should not exceed500 ml. This is quite harmful for the body, since it has a significant load on the kidneys. Some may be shocked by the fact that during the fasting day there may be a pronounced feeling of thirst, which is a norm. After all, the organism, when subjected to purification, needs more liquid, removing the slags. Thus, thirst must be satisfied.

What is the quality of the water used in days of this nature?

Ideal water from a spring or well. In the event that there is no such possibility, it is possible to stop and on usual mineral water which is available on sale in any shops. If you come to the conclusion that you will use water flowing from the tap, you should filter it before using it or let it stand.

How to be a feeling of hunger on days off the water?

The very concept of unloading day impliesForce test, as well as a certain exposure. In order not to deviate from the chosen plan of action, you should protect yourself from thoughts about food, thereby occupying your head with other thoughts. In fact, all this is quite easy and simple to implement with the help of some tips.

  1. It is necessary to tune in to positive notes,while informing yourself that with fasting on the water you are helping yourself. It is important to explain to yourself that it is precisely today that you will not eat your favorite foods, which in turn will wait for you until tomorrow. After all, at the moment you are engaged in a very important process - cleaning the body.
  2. If, nevertheless, the thought of hunger does not give you rest,remember that this is only a cry of the soul from a psychological point of view. In this case, it is important to switch to another lesson, for example, you can read or sleep.
  3. Try to do things to which before you "did not reach the hands". So you kill two birds with one.
  4. A cool bathroom or a contrast shower will help you. Thus, you can relieve tension and at the same time help to cleanse your body.
  5. When you drink water, you need to do this gradually, with small sips. So you can feel more saturation.
  6. You can arrange a walk in the open air, while avoiding places that will tempt you with the aromas of delicious food.
  7. Meditation will also help you relax, as well as listening to quiet and tranquil music.
  8. In the event that the hunger sensation does not leave you, you can dilute the floor of the spoon in the warm water of honey and add the lemon juice.


The result that you expect to get by resorting today on the water, depends entirely on the initial reading of external data from your body features, as well as on your persistence and attitude. It is worthwhile to note that the overall state will change for the better in almost a moment. Moreover, if you periodically adhere to a similar day of loading, for example, with regularity once a week. Thus, the life force will increase many times, the energy will also become much greater.

There is an opinion that duringThe day of discharge of the body can lead to exhaustion. This is only a general error. All the time is quite the opposite. The cells of the body become more active, so they develop much faster, thereby accelerating the process of digestibility of substances. It is possible in this way to conclude that the cells are updated and restored.

As for the skin, then it's a day off forwater is very fruitful. It becomes more smooth and smooth, fine wrinkles are straightened, the skin color becomes more saturated and healthy. If this discharge is made regularly, the view becomes even clearer.

Unloading day on the water has a favorableinfluence of joints. After all, the liquid in bulk quantity has the property of washing out the salts. Urea salts are deposited in the joints, when such deposits cross the norm, they can limit the mobility of the joints. Such fasting, in the form of a fasting day on the water, is often prescribed to patients who suffer from mild forms of arthritis.

If you use this procedure withonce a week, you can lose about five kilos of excess weight. It is worth paying attention to what experts consider the norm in the month of weight loss, from about three to five kilograms, because it is strictly forbidden to lose weight sharply. It is also important to take into account the weight category, because people fuller lose weight much faster than people who simply need to throw off the load that they have purchased, for example, during the vacation. Consequently, the transience of weight loss depends on the individual indications of each.


Every unloading or diet has its owncontra-indications. Before proceeding to unloading on water, it is necessary to consult a specialist. The attending physician will tell you how this can affect your body. After all, a hunger striker in one day can be dangerous.

A fasting day on the water can be harmful if:

  • a person who has resorted to starvation refers to a teenage or retirement age category;
  • there are diseases of the kidney or heart;
  • with hypotension;
  • there is a disease such as diabetes mellitus;
  • during pregnancy, and also feeding;
  • in menstrual days;
  • with a weakened body.

People who are unloading days like thisType contraindicated, do not despair. You can choose another more easy option. And its efficiency is not less. This procedure should be approached with all seriousness, because health should be maintained, not harmed.

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