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10 products for skin youth

1. Nuts

No wonder nuts are considered a product of youth, becauseThey contain vitamin E and coenzyme Q10, contributing to the acceleration of regeneration and nutrition of skin cells. Despite the fact that coenzyme Q10 is produced by the body, after thirty years it begins to give up positions.

Nuts, of course, belong to kcalorium food, so they should not get carried away. It is enough to eat several times a week 50 gr. Nuts or almonds.

2. Red fruits and vegetables

To give a person a healthy appearance of frenzy, it is useful to consume red vegetables and fruits. It is in carrots, tomatoes, red pepper contains an antioxidant. He is responsible for updating the cells.

3. Berries

In the black currant and strawberry, there is vitamin C, which strengthens the vessels and helps in the formation of collagen, which helps slow the aging process.

4. Fish

A wonderful helper of anticipationWrinkles salmon, mackerel, herring. Because sea fish is rich in fatty acids, which relieve inflammation, improve blood circulation, the result of which is a beautiful young skin.

5. Kashi

In legumes and cereals, there is a lot of silicon responsible for the production of collagen. In addition, kashahsoderzhatsya in large quantities of vitamin B, contributing to the renewal of skin cells.

Also, the use of cereals removes the intestines from toxins, improves the digestive system and metabolism. When toxins and slags are eliminated from the body, the color of the skin improves significantly.

6. Pomegranate

Substances that are contained in theWithering of the skin, prolonging the life of cells responsible for the production of elastin and collagen, their presence positively affects the elasticity of the facial skin. In addition, it is the pomegranate that contains substances that help the rapid healing of wounds and the regeneration of cells with age-related changes.

7. Olive oil

It's no secret that skin dry skin grows faster. Relieves face from dryness with olive oil. After all, it is the oil olive that is considered to be the source of fatty acids, which are so important for the rapid growth of cells.

8. Curd

Consumption of cottage cheese will help prevent premature aging. In addition, the cottage cheese is enriched with the content of calcium - a mineral, which is important for the health of teeth and the body as a whole.

9. Avocado

In the ripe avocado contain ethereal oils,Nourishing the skin from the inside. In addition, the avocado contains niacin, which is important for the preservation of skin health, because it has anti-inflammatory properties, soothes inflamed skin, giving it a more fresh look.

10. Green tea

Green tea is the leader in contentAntioxidants. To give the face freshness, you need to drink a day a few cups of tea. It is good to use green tea and externally as a remedy for bags in the eye area. The recipe is: brewed a few tea bags, then put them in the refrigerator. After some time, apply chilled bags to problem areas around the eyes for 20 minutes. The swelling will disappear without a trace, since it is in the green tea that the tannin, which tightens the skin, is removed, thereby removing the swelling of the eyelids and removing the small bags in the eye area.

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