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Sweets that do not get better

The existing saccharum myth

It is worth noting that such concepts asHarmful or useless sweets do not exist. An important role here is played only by the amount of sugars and the volume of light carbohydrates. It is also necessary to pay attention to the fact that sweet is simply necessary for our body, because without sugar it is not able to function properly. But it is known that most women often exceed the prescribed norm of sweet consumption. Due to what, in various diets and superimposed the main ban.

Features of the sweet

It is worth paying attention to the main components. For example, simple carbohydrates - fructose, glucose and some other sugars. Carbohydrates of this type enrich the taste of fruits and vegetables, making them more sweet. There are also more complex compounds, such as sucrose, which is sugar derived from beets or cane; Lactose, which is the sugar contained in the milk. There are more complex sugars that combine thousands of molecules, for example, glycogen, which is an animal analogue and starch is a plant analogue.

To what type of carbohydrates are not treated, inThe body they all begin to split, forming a glucose and thus entering the blood. Avot for the cleavage of glycogen or starch takes a certain time, hence, the glucose content increases more slowly. When the sugar splits into the organism, the glucose level rises instantaneously, and the body in turn begins to process the excess, and also begins to transform them into a form such as fat. So the conclusion is drawn about the harm of sugar.

Arguing about what has been said, we can assume that inLike the case, the sugar of simple compounds are useful. But, to great glory this is not so. After all, for example, starch does not have a sweet taste. I can not get any pleasure from eating it.

Thus, the products with fructose and glucose content are rather useful products.

How can you pamper yourself a little sweet?

Absolutely every lady wants to pamper herselfA piece of cake or a piece of cake with a cup of coffee or tea. Plus, sweet is also a good helper in stressful periods, giving a sense of satisfaction and tranquility, while raising the mood. Thus, in small proportions, it is possible to allow yourself to be lax.

Features of the

Zephyr is characterized as a sufficiently rich and nutritious product. You should choose a classic marshmallow, because it consists of only natural components.

Particularly useful is its composition. Zephyr is prepared on the basis of apple puree and complex carbohydrate, such as half-acid-split starch, that is, its sweet mass. Also to the composition of marshmallows can be attributed and egg white with powdered sugar. Such a product on the splitting of sugar requires a lot of time, therefore, marshmallows in measured quantities can not harm your figure.

Features marmalade

To sweets belongs and also all belovedMarmelad.Predpotchenie it is necessary to give it to the fruit natural, without sprinkling with sugars. Its components include gelatin, pectins, which are beneficial for digestion, as well as apple purees. It is worth noting that the important ingredient is fructose in the preparation of fruit natural marmalade. Fructose is an ordinary sugar that reincarnates in the body of glucose.

Features of the bed

Pastila in its composition is very similar to marshmallow,But the quantity of fruit mass is different, with the help of which the pastille has a similar shape and taste. Often, berries, all kinds of fruits are added to the pastille, which complete the sweetness with an excellent aroma and natural taste. As for the dense base, it is formed by the addition of jelly and egg whites.

Specialties of Oriental sweets

To useful products containing sugar, carryEasterly, with the minus of jam from the petals of roses and halva. As for any other similar sweets, they have honey, nuts or raisins in their composition, as well as all kinds of spices. In large quantities, eating such a sweet is very difficult, since nuts and raisins give a feeling of satiety.

Features of the honey

Sweet creatures can also eat and honey, which is a useful carbohydrate product. Honey can also be put in tea, because it can easily replace sugar.

Fruit yoghurt

Fruit cake is an excellent choice for sweet tooth. It is important to avoid biscuits, cakes using whipped cream, in which, in addition to sugar, there is a large amount of fat.

Features of black chocolate

Natural chocolate has differentUseful properties. In bitter chocolate contains about eighty percent of cocoa. More harmful chocolates include white and milk of any kind. All of them contain a large amount of fats, vegetable origin, as well as sugars of soy.

People who adhere to a diet can imagineAllow the dried fruits, which have only natural origin, which is why they are very useful. Such products include raisins, dates, dried apricots - they contain a large number of calories, but it is almost impossible to eat more than normal.

Also fruitful pudding, jelly, as well as various cocktails, the basis of which consists in unsweetened yoghurt, can also be considered useful.

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