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The problem of obesity

Doctors and psychotherapists identified the main factors affecting the development of obesity:

  • Sedentary sedentary lifestyle;

  • Genetic heredity;

  • Consumption of sweet carbonated drinks;

  • Excessive consumption of high-calorie foods;

  • Frequent hunger diets;

  • Chronic diseases of the endocrine system;

  • Frequent stress;

  • Absence of a daily regimen, chronic lack of sleep;

  • Psychological dependence on food.

Obesity is an unpleasant and dangerous consequence,Which arise as a result of a disturbance of the energy balance between the food taken and the expended forces. Unpaid energy is gradually deposited in fatty tissues, intensively increasing in the volume of the area of ​​the chest, abdomen and thighs. The deposition of fatty layers affects the violation of normal eating behavior, leads to hormonal failures, slowing down metabolic processes in the body.

The main sign of obesity is excessivebody mass. Depending on the excess kilograms, 4 degrees of obesity are allocated. People suffering from I and II degrees, often manifestly ill, do not notice. With more severe degrees of obesity, the weakness of the whole body, the constant drowsiness, irritability begin to disturb. There is a failure in the work of the digestive system, often an unpleasant bitter sensation in the mouth. Besides this, the legs, joints suffer, the load on the spine increases.

Prevention of obesity is easier andMore pleasant than to treat it later. The correct diet and systematic exercise allow you not to think about obesity ever. However, if such problems appear, treatment should begin with the strengthening of will power and psychological settings, establish the correct motivation. Consultations with doctors will help to achieve success.

Complex treatment of obesity consists of twoDirections - moderate exercise and diet. After a full examination, an experienced doctor prescribes that treatment technique that is appropriate for a particular patient. The first 3-6 months of treatment will be designed to reduce body weight, and then a few months will need to deal with weight stabilization.

Scientists-physicians developed the following methods of weight loss:

  • Individual diet, taking into account the agePatient, his way of life, profession, financial position. The nutritionist develops a daily menu that promotes weight loss and at the same time does not allow experiencing a debilitating feeling of hunger.

  • A special program for regular physical activity.

  • Sometimes qualitatively treatment by a cardiologist, endocrinologist, gastroenterologist or neurologist in itself allows you to get rid of obesity.

  • Appointment of pharmaceutical drugs that reduce appetite.

  • Strengthening of psychological health.

  • Phytotherapy, which facilitates the normalization of metabolism.

  • If necessary, surgical intervention to reduce the interlayer of fat.

It should be remembered that when obesity ceasesIt is normal to function all the internal organs of a person, the life rhythm slows down, the joys of life cease to please. Therefore, the prevention of overweight is a pledge of both health and happiness.

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