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Benefit of cranberries for health

Cowberry composition

Izdrevlebrusniku used in folk medicine,Because it contains vitamins and nutritional elements that have a curative effect. Berries and cowberry leaves are considered especially valuable. Their medicinal properties are due to the high content of vitamin "C". You can replenish the stock of this vitamin if you will eat berries, picked from the bush, because some of the vitamins are lost in the berries that have been processed. However, it should be said that in dried bilberry berries contains a lot of valuable vitamins, that is why tea of ​​cowberries, mountain ash and dog rose is appreciated. Cowberry also contains vitamin A (carotene) in large quantities than in berries of cranberries and blueberries, as well as in lemon, apple, pear and grapes. In addition, these berries are rich in vitamin B2, catechins, pectin and tannic substances, mineral salts and acids such as acetic , Apple, lemon, formic and oxalic.

Useful properties of litters

Cowberry leaves are used whenRheumatism, cystitis, pyelonephritis, gout, kidney stones, because they have disinfectant and diuretic properties. To treat the above diseases use fresh, boiled, as well as wet berries. Lingonberry is able to enhance the action of antibiotics and the ineffective effect of sulfanilamide preparations, berries are used to increase the appetite of patients after severe injuries and people with fever.

Cowberry mors is very useful because itIs an excellent anti-inflammatory diuretic. The product contributes to the removal of toxins and other harmful substances from the body and prevents the development of microbes, has wound healing, antipyretic properties, acts as an anthelmintic and anti-scurvy agent. Drink from cowberries has an acidic taste and perfectly quenches thirst, in addition, gives the body vivacity and vigor. Cranberry fruit "prescribed" for cancer.

The use of cowberry improves digestion,Increases salivation, promotes the development of gastric and pancreatic juice. It is recommended for the treatment of inflammation of the pancreas and gastritis. As an auxiliary tool, cranberries are used to treat hypertension.

In large quantities in berries and lingonberryLeaves contain copper. In the percentage ratio, it can be from 0.80% to 2.50%. Thanks to this, the element of the cowberry is indispensable for the treatment of diabetes. Have a positive effect on the organism and its tannins, which bind and remove from the body heavy metals, for example lead, cobalt and cesium, which can cause irreparable harm to the human body.

Cowberry helps with overheating and sunnyImpact, with pain in the joints, and also used for rinsing in the treatment of sore throat. Water from under cranberries is widely used in compartments and for washing ulcers caused by varicose dilatation. Brusnichnoevarie often recommend to include in the diet of women in the building status. 2-3 teaspoons of jam significantly reduce the risk of mastitis and other inflammatory diseases. Cowberry jam, which includes honey, is a wonderful remedy for prostatitis.

Juice squeezed from cranberries, oftenUsed in ointments and creams for lichen. In addition, it was found that syrup from cranberries is able to improve eyesight, it is not for nothing that it is recommended to car enthusiasts and elderly people.

Contraindications to cowberry use

With all the medicinal properties of cowberry, she has her own contraindications. It is not recommended for use with peptic ulcers, duodenal ulcers and gastritis with high acidity.

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