/ What is the treatment for turpentine baths?

What is treated turpentine baths?

Turpentine baths

Turpentine is absolutely naturalVegetable product. It is a turpentine essential oil extracted from resinous (gum). Zhivitsa was used for thousands of years by our ancestors, however, only in the form of ointments. In 1904, Zalmanov A.S. Created a list of emulsification of the cupid, allowing it to dissolve in water. As a result, a new direction appeared in the balneological treatment - turpentine baths.

The therapeutic effect of turpentine baths is,That they open closed capillaries and restore the flow of blood into the desiccated islands of body tissues. Accordingly, more oxygen is supplied to weakened cells and the removal of toxins improves. Normal cell life is restored.

When in contact with the skin, emulsifiedTurpentine not only causes expansion of capillaries, but also contributes to an increase in their number. No drugs can not perform such an effective prophylaxis of capillary stasis and thrombosis. Turpentine baths are comprehensively influenced by the general protective mechanisms of the body. Stimulate metabolic processes on the micro-level vascular system.

What is treated with turpentine

Cellulite and overweight

With the restoration of microcirculationThe metabolic processes are normalized, harmful cholesterol is reduced in the blood, the blood supply in the cellulite zones is improved. This helps to stop cellulite and restore the correct fat metabolism. After several months of turpentine therapy, weight can decrease by 20 kilos. And grueling diets do not require treatment. Enough to eat a moderately healthy food. More vegetables and fruits, less red meat and fat. In parallel, the baths need to increase physical activity. The gigantic advantage of a vacuum bath is that the reverse set of weight in most cases does not occur. After all, it is not a symptom that is treated - excess weight, but the reason - the metabolic processes are restored.

Problem Skin

Clinical observations show thatTurpentine soils help resolve the external and internal adhesions and scars, contribute to the growth of connective tissue. Therefore, baths are used in cosmetology for the treatment of burns, ulcers, wounds and other skin injuries. A rejuvenating effect has been proven to reduce the depth of wrinkles and smooth the skin of the face. Baths from white emulsion quickly stop the discharge of furunculosis, neurodermatosis, psoriasis and diffuse scleroderma.


Restoration of blood flow quicklyRemoves inflammatory processes in the small pelvis, normalizes the menstrual cycle and hormonal status. A positive result is achieved with chronic adnexitis, infertility, adhesions, in the treatment of myomatous nodes. But all procedures are negotiated by the doctor.

Respiratory system

Lungs like no other body needFree flow of blood. After a couple of turpentine baths, the swelling of the bronchial tubes is removed, the volume of the lungs increases, the phlegm leaves better, the breathing improves. Slags, toxic substances from smoking and smoke are more active. In addition to the bulk of the baths, the lungs are positively influenced by the vapor of evaporating turpentine. Based on pine resin, it is an effective germicide to prevent colds.

A heart

Turpentine baths increase the number of vessels. And for the heart and blood flow is a wonderful gift. Improved metabolic processes in the myocardium, the coronary vessels expand, the blood flow accelerates, the load on the heart decreases. Fact - a course of turpentine baths by 30% reduces the risk of acute myocardial infarction. And this is an excellent indicator. Even if the infarction took place, the baths will help strengthen the heart muscle and gradually normalize the rhythm of the heart. It is most effective to combine turpentine baths with medicinal therapy. Baths disperse blood and improve microcirculation, as a result of drugs reach every cell of the heart. Therefore, the dosage of drugs can be significantly reduced.


Improve peripheral circulation increases the crotch in the lower limbs. Atherosclerosis of peripheral arteries, venous and arterial insufficiency of the lower extremities, hypertension are treated.

For absolutely healthy

Turpentine baths are not prerogative people. On the contrary! Timely therapy almost excludes the development of many diseases. Turpentine translates our body into a more economical mode of operation. As a result, the resources of the body are much less spent on ensuring its vital activity. The basic organs are much less weary, increasing life expectancy. Similar changes occur in the body of people who are friends with the sport. It turns out, you can train the body ... lying in a turpentine bath.

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