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How voluminetric helps to lose weight

Suffice it for two weeks to make sureEffectiveness of this simple system. Dumping the logs and clearing your body of toxins, you can not help but notice how easy it felt to be. Normalization of digestion is a pleasant consequence of losing weight according to the system of volumetrics known all over the world.

What is the essence of the system

Volumetricskaberet as a rule to replace the usualFood that we like, too, but contains fewer calories. So your favorite food also helps us lose weight. For example, take a plate of ordinary food for yourself, then set aside half of it and replace it with fresh fruit or vegetables. Judge for yourself: the calorie content of the dish has decreased by half without changing the volume. The total amount of nutrients and natural fiber has only increased. Leave, it would seem, the same, but at the same time lose weight.

Try this method with any familiarThe products that underlie your daily routine, but which prevent you from losing weight. The volumetric method will clearly demonstrate how to effectively lose weight and not deny yourself the usual amount of food. To adhere to such a power system is not difficult at all! Previously, in order to lose weight, you tried to reduce the amount of your portions, and now you are allowed to eat the same amount, but give preference to products with a lower energy value. So you cleanse your organism, forcing the stomach to work perfectly, and in the meantime improve! Try to eat for two weeks - you just do not want to eat like you used to.

Reasonable limitation

The volumetric metric could bring maximum benefitThe body, and its results are preserved for a long time, reduce the consumption of certain products and at the end of the diet. Do not lean on starchy vegetables - potatoes, pumpkin, corn. They are very nutritious, but they contain a lot of calories. Reduce their daily intake to the maximum. Do not get involved in hard cheeses. To enjoy the taste, you can eat a small piece, sprinkle them pasta, salad pizza, even add it to the soup. And, finally, be sure to reduce the consumption of sugar and salt.

Salt promotes the retention of water in the body,Which is designed to wash away the accumulated harmful slag. Also, get rid of canned food and any smoked products, substitute with solvness or natural lemon juice. Mayonnaise or ketchup is replaced with fat-free yoghurt and sour cream, and sugar only use with natural products, not as an additive.

Better replace than cancel

It is known that there are a lot of calories in sugar. But he also needs the body in his own way. Therefore, the best cancellation, and replace it with sweet fruit. Surplus salt (penny or canned products) delays the body's fluid - it's very harmful and even dangerous. So instead of salt, use herbs and lemon juice as a dressing. Mayonnaise ketchup also contains a lot of extra calories, so instead of them, prepare a garnish and vegetable sauce, and salad refuel with yogurt or low-fat sour cream. Watch then that the daily volume of calories is not less than 1200 kcal. The main thing to follow the principles of volumetric: do not reduce the amount of servings, and reduce their caloric content.

Correctly menu

The breakfast will be ordinary, but halfLet him make sweet fruit. Chaypayte not with sugar, but with honey or fruit with a snack. If you like porridge porthram - cook it on the water. Pamper yourself with chocolates and do not refuse a second breakfast in the form of yogurt, a small amount of cheese or cottage cheese, and the main one is fruit!

Lunch always begin with a light vegetable soup. It contains few calories, but it is very nutritious. On the second, eat your favorite side dish, reducing its caloric content by raw, cooked with stewed vegetables and greens. Meat and fish boil or bake in fologe.

Used to have a snack? This is not prohibited, but replace the usual sandwich with an apple with cheese or whole wheat loaves. For a snack drink juices or yoghurts (150-200g), eat cottage cheese. You can eat chocolate, but only a few slices and optional with the fruit. Excellent chocolate satisfies the hunger with kiwi, apple apple oranges. Drink green tea or a milky fruit cocktail.

For dinner, half the usual portion, replace the stewCarrots, tomatoes, cabbage, eggplant and other vegetables. Give up fatty and fried in oil dishes. Try to eat bread if you eat pasta, dumplings or vareniki. Such dishes are hard to digest, they are better to eat at lunch with fruit. Supper should be at least three hours before bedtime.

Six principles of volumetrics

  1. Do not reduce the amount of food! Divide the usual portion by adding vegetables, berries and fruits to it.
  2. Do not refuse from the usual dishes! Do you like pastries? Just replace the caloric filling of meat with fruit or vegetable. Love the sweet? Melt a couple of slices of chocolate, dipped in it slices of fresh fruit and enjoy your favorite taste! Accustomed to pasta? Cook them in a new way: to pasta during cooking, add 2 cups of stewed or fresh vegetables, sprinkle with grated cheese.
  3. Unforgettable about physical exercises. This will help burn calories faster, and get rid of excess weight quickly.
  4. Do not overeat! Listen carefully to your body, distinguishing the true feeling of wild hunger from false desires.
  5. Get a treat of pleasure! A dinner cooked with love and eaten at a table, beautifully conserved, quenches hunger better than food swallowed hastily.
  6. Count the calories. A healthy organism needs no more than 1200 kcal per day. Between the reception of the food you can pamper yourself with natural juices, cocktails or simply green.
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