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Rules of healthy sleep

In order for the dream to become deep and refreshing, it is worth sticking to some rules of healthy sleep.

Fifteen rules of healthy sleep

  1. Immediately before the sleep itself, it is better to refuse to eat. It is recommended that 2 hours before bedtime take exceptionally light meals. For example, sour-milk products, fresh fruit or vegetables.
  2. Go to bed preferably not later than 23 hours. It is at this time that our body is completely relaxed, the nervous system calms down, so at this time one can easily and quickly wipe. Many doctors believe that an adult has enough 7-8 hours to have a good night's rest and sleep so that he does not have to go to sleepy work all day long. But for a wonderful night's sleep it's enough for 5-6 hours, but in any case, a person must necessarily sleep from 2 o'clock in the morning to 4 o'clock in the morning. It is during this period that sleep is the strongest, so here it is simply necessary to sleep at least 1 hour at this time. Daytime sleep is better to exclude, and also harmful to sleep before sunset. In addition, the length depends on the amount of food eaten per day. The less people used the food, the less time it takes to sleep. It is worth noting that long-livers spend a little time, about four to six hours a day. For a good state of health, a three-shift schedule is undesirable, especially when the shift can be changed every week.
  3. Bed in the room must be arranged so,That the head points to the north side or to the east. Such a requirement for the correct arrangement of the body is connected with the need for coordination of the electromagnetic fields. That is, the distribution of the motion of electromagnetic waves of man and the earth's crust must coincide. This method has always been used by Academician Helmholtz to treat people.
  4. Also very important is what we sleep on. It is best to use a bed with a hard, curved surface, since on the airy and soft featherbeds the body flexes with the thread, the blood supply of the spinal cord and other organs, which are simply clamped, is most disturbed. Also, sleep on a soft surface leads to compression of nerve endings, and this in turn negatively affects any part of the body. After all, it's no accident that those who suffered a spinal cord injury and a patient with radiculitis are recommended to sleep only on a hard bed. Therefore, the bed should be made of non-varnished and not painted boards. Also, a good option is to install a sheet of flat plywood on the mesh or other frame. But on top of it you can put in one or two layers of blankets, a quilt or a regular cotton mattress. For a healthy sleep, it's better to give up pillows or use a thin and very dense pad. This method improves blood circulation of the brain, maintains the cervical spine in good condition, helps to improve intracranial pressure, and also prevents the formation of wrinkled neck and face. An exception may be people with cardiovascular insufficiency and suffering from bronchial asthma. Here, you should not give up pillows, and during periods of exacerbation you can even sleep with 3 thick cushions.
  5. Sleep better than the naked, and if it's cold, then you can cover with a single plaid or blanket.
  6. The best position for sleeping is the side. During the whole sleep it is necessary to flip one side to the other, but we can not monitor this, so the overturning process takes place automatically, so as not to burden the kidneys and other organs. Sleep on the side will not only reduce the likelihood of snoring, but also positively affects the back. Sozhemozhno to sleep and on the back, but the worst option is the stomach.
  7. It is worth taking care of the night drafts, whichLead to undesirable common colds and eyes. You can open the window, but on condition that the door is tightly closed. Also, you can not close the door, but open a window in the next room. Best of all, it's good to ventilate the room before bed. It is best to sleep at a temperature of +18 to 20 ° C.
  8. There should not be a noisy mechanical watch, and if you have a dial with a glowing electronic clock, then it is better to turn it to not watch the time.
  9. From the scientific point of view, a person's dream can bedivided into cycles, each of whichincludes a phase of "fast" and "slow" sleep-sensing depth. Basically, the cycle lasts from 60 to 90 minutes, while the average people cycle is close to one hour. But by the morning the cycles start to grow, especially if the dream lasts a long time, but at the same time the minutes of "fast" sleep, during which the person dreams are rising sharply. For a good rest, it is enough to sleep four biological cycles. Such a number of long-sleepers sleep. But also 6 cycles for a healthy dream are supposed also. An important point is not to interrupt sleep during biological cycles. If a person is awakened in the middle of one of such cycles, then he will feel completely shattered. Therefore, it is best not to wake up to the motivator, but on the inner clock. In exceptional cases, you can sleep on bi-biological cycles, although for many it is an unattainable dream. Some can sleep for 10 hours and still can not wake up, but others on the contrary suffer from insomnia.
  10. For the lovers of long sleep is still not worth itlay down in bed. As soon as a person woke up from sleep, it is necessary to stretch, quickly drop the blanket and then climb up. There are times when a person can wake up on his own in the morning, but after looking at the clock, he immediately lies back. Only here is the sense of such a long stay is very doubtful.
  11. Before going to sleep, it is better to get rid of the experiencesleaving the day that unnecessarily extricates our nervous system. It is necessary to adjust oneself to a full-fledged holiday, which will help restore the strength of the whole organism. After all, the best of luck is a calm conscience.
  12. It is allowed to fall asleep under quiet and pleasant music, for example, in the style of "Relax". Also, you can turn on the radio or tape recorder with your favorite songs, or recordings with the sounds of a rustling forest or surf.
  13. Speaking of coffee and alcohol, they are better offrefuse. Of course, alcohol can have a dream, but after a while, when its actions are weakened, it can promote awakening. It is also not recommended to drink before snack drinks that contain caffeine. After all, caffeine is contained not only in coffee, but also in chocolate, tea, coca-cola and in many medications with analgesic effect. It is best to drink a calming herbal tea. For example, tea with chamomile, melissa, mint or hops. But the best sleeping pills is a glass of warm milk with a tablespoon of honey.
  14. A pleasant warm shower or bath also favorably affects a healthy sonnet. It is especially useful to take a bath with the addition of essential oils, wormwood tinctures, nettles or flavored salts.
  15. If your house is located next to a park or alley, then it's better not to be lazy, walk around and get some fresh air. This will quickly and hard to fall asleep.
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