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We return a good mood with the help of fragrances

In addition to many positive results in the fieldCare for the beauty of the body, face and hair, fragrant therapy has won a huge number of fans, thanks to one of its useful properties, namely - the successful opposition to bad mood, stress, depression and the return of positive, joyful emotions.

We sometimes do not even think howGreat and deep effect of aromas on our psychological health. And it can play in our favor. Easily and without much effort, we can program our own mood and state of mind on a positive, sunny and pleasant side.

Both at home and in the office (most importantly,So that households and colleagues would not mind) you can take advantage of the already beautiful and traditional beautiful things: an aroma-lamp, an aroma-candle, a sprayer or an ordinary small handkerchief (it can also be replaced with a cosmetic cotton disc). In the latter case, put a few drops of fragrant oil on a handkerchief or cotton pad and place it on top of a warm table lamp or the top of a computer monitor. Very soon a good and, certainly, fragrant mood will return to you.

You can choose to use one oil, andAlso create your own fragrant mixes. Among the aroma oils that have gained fame of good antidepressants, which restore working capacity and balance of life, we can distinguish the following:

  • Sweet orange - markedly improves mood and performance,
  • Jasmine - in the Mediterranean countries it is considered "king of smells", possesses anti-stress action, enhances communicability and charm,
  • Coriander - it helps with nervous overfatigue, improves the action of memory and concentration of attention,
  • Lavender is a good helper in the fight against mental overexertion, depression, anxiety,
  • Sage - restores the energy shell after stressful situations and communication with unpleasant people, balances emotions and returns a good mood,
  • Tea tree - is a strong stimulator of mental activity, helps to cope with the decline of vitality,
  • Vanilla - has to trust communication, helps to cope with overwork, returns emotional balance.
In fact, there is a large numbera variety of natural odors and oils that can restore us a good mood and a positive outlook on life. From many it is possible to make interesting mixes. Feel a little magician ...

Toning and restoring vitality fragrant mixtures for aroma-lamps:

  • 15 drops of mandarin oil, 5 drops of patchouli and grapefruit,
  • 10 drops of vanilla oil, 10 drops of lemon oil, 5 drops of melissa oil,
  • on 5 drops of oils of a jasmin and a sweet orange.
Fragrant blends for a sprayer - help concentration and improve attention:

  • For 6-7 drops of lime and spruce,
  • 10 drops of mandarin oil, 5 drops of melissa oil,
  • 5 drops of coriander and lavender oil.

Whatever you choose, remember also thatany fragrant oil or mixture should be pleasant to you and not cause negative emotions. Aromamaslas, on the other hand, serve people for thousands of years to gain inner harmony, return physical and mental strength, good mood, and also for beauty and attractiveness.

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