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What should you do if your finger is cut?

In the courtyard of the 21 century and long thought up devices,Household mechanisms that facilitate human life. Maybe it's time to stop saving on people close to you and on yourself? If you prefer manual work in matters of culture than working with electric knives, the following advice is for you.

So it turned out, the knife did not go there and left onYour finger is a notch. Directly on the fingers there are no vital vessels, so do not overtighten them. To reduce the loss of blood, raise your arm up.

It is not necessary to relieve pain and to rinseWounds substitute a finger, which is cut, under cold water. Do not do this, as this will only make it difficult to stop the bleeding or worse, it will help to infect the finger. Such injuries should not be underestimated, since American President James Garfield, died of an ordinary cut of a finger, as a result of blood poisoning.

And then, we are civilized people, we have in the houseFirst aid kit. It is kept in order and is filled with various herbal remedies and means of protection. Plaster, antiseptics, bandages - it's all there is. Back to the cut finger. The first task is to protect the wound from infection. Here you will need the achievements of modern pharmacology.

I disinfect the iodine skin around the cut, notTouch the wound itself, it will make healing difficult and kill living cells. To wash the wound, hydrogen peroxide is suitable. You can not apply to the open wound ichthyol ointment, Vishnevsky ointment and other our favorite smelling ointments.

What do you need now? Do not use a tight, sterile bandage. There is one trick here. If you bandage your finger, then, no matter how hard we are, due to the general mobility, he will be sad, "worried" and still bleed under the bandage. If the cut is very deep, then the scar can later be sloppy. In addition, when it will be necessary to bandage the wound, it is not so easy to remove this adherent bandage, besides it is painful.

To prevent this from happening, we apply a smallcunning. After disinfecting the surface, put a paper splint on the entire damaged phalanx of the finger, for this purpose tightly wrap the paper strip around the wound and with a bactericidal plaster or bandage make a tight bandage. Paper lubok will be able to fix the edges of the cut, which will not allow them to disperse when moving. As a result, the wound will quickly tighten, and the scar will be almost invisible. When it will be necessary to bandage the wound, it will be very simple to separate the bandage from the paper. The adhering paper itself can be removed if moistened with a solution of furacilin or moistened in hydrogen peroxide.

Of course, you understand that for these purposesNot every paper is suitable. For example, newsprint in printing ink contains many harmful compounds. The most suitable white paper for the printer, disinfected in peroxide.

Good luck to you.
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