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Good nutrition for different ages

20-30 years old

In 20 years, you can not particularly worry about what you eat. The body is young, strong, he himself manages to solve problems, so there is no acute need to control the calories consumed. All this happens because during the period from 20 to 30 the woman's summer organization is ready for pregnancy at any moment, therefore, it regulates the weight if it deviates from the norm.

Severe diets are severely restricted in eatingat this age are not just not needed, they are harmful and can even provoke a hormonal failure. So, having noticed a couple of kilos, you can easily say goodbye to them if you take an active tour or go to the gym.

After 30

If you turned 30, then this is just the right oneTime to start thinking about your health condition. Changes in the hormonal background in the next ten years can present a surprise in the form of unexpectedly rounded forms. But this is not so bad, since the over-saturation of the body with fats can subsequently lead to vascular diseases. It is time to take control of nutrition in their own hands.

Fatty roast meat is replaced with whitedietary poultry meat and sea fish. And in general it is worth as little as possible to use the frying pan, and to get a steamer and often pamper yourself with dishes baked in the oven. The obligatory item in the menu at each reception should be vegetables and fruit.

Forget the road of vfast-food, save the refrigeratorfrom semi-finished products and most importantly refuse to take food "on the fly." Despite the fact that this period is especially important for the career growth and the time to eat under normal conditions is catastrophically scarce, think about how much you will be able to help yourself after forty, avoiding annoying problems.

After 40

This is a very important and relevant period forPreservation of health and youth. The principles of nutrition remain the same, but only the rules become tougher. The share of fruits and vegetables in the diet should be increased several times. Pay special attention to oranges, they will support the youth and elasticity of the skin.

From this point on, the yogurt, yogurts, cheeses and otherssour-milk products become your best companions in the struggle for a beautiful figure. Now get up because of the table is really worth a little hunger, and overeating compare with the crime against the figure, even if it's your birthday and even if the table is the most delicious food. If you give yourself a slack once, work out the consequences will not be one hour in the sports hall.

At the age of the after-the-night,attention first gray hair and small, delicate wrinkles. Due to slowing metabolism, the fat deposits begin to accumulate, the mass of muscles that lose their former elasticity decreases. And, of course, most insecure things give us insidious excess weight. Although this does not mean that it's time to sit on the strictest diet.

With the new arrivals, the kilo is quite effectiveyou can fight by changing your diet. Try to consume as often as possible and more fresh fruits and vegetables, fermented milk products, various cereals. Necessary useful nutrients for the strength of vigor you will provide a variety of seafood. Instead of an easy snack, the mussels will come along, and together with the boiled rice and tomato they will make up a delicious, useful, and, most importantly, not containing an extra calorie meal. Seafood is famous for its amazing ability to successfully combat the aging processes. It is not worth it because among the inhabitants of the islands and coastal areas there are so many dolgos.

From white bread, donuts, rolls and other baking goodsit is better to refuse. Bread with success can replace the grain loaves. From them you can make delicious sandwiches, put a slice of cheese and greens, and together with porridge and green tea they will serve as a good breakfast.

As for alcohol, then the answer is clearnegative. And do not be confused by the myth that small daily doses of alcohol can somehow help health. Its benefits have not been scientifically proven, but the damage that alcohol does to the sensation and figure, as they say, to the face.

Particular attention is paid to physicalexercises. After forty, it is very desirable to finally take sports. You can start with a small morning warm-up for about forty minutes: there is no need for exhausting loads, let it be stretching, hoop-hoop or jumping rope. But if you want more, you can always sign up for the gym.

If you have to wait a long time, make a smallbreak, walk. Refuse the use of elevators, make as many walking trips in the fresh air as possible, for example, to freeze and wait for the bus, walk a couple of stops on foot. And if you follow all the recommendations correctly, you can forget about excess weight for a long time.

After 50

After fifty tebesnova have to facethe problem of excess weight, and its solution will take much more effort and time. And if you do not want to join the absolute majority of ladies who gain weight at this age, you should try very hard.

After all, overweight after 50 years is not easynot a slender figure, a similar defect can be hidden with the help of a well-chosen wardrobe. A significant excess of mass can lead to very serious health problems, such as diabetes, oncology or vascular diseases.

Nutrition in this age deservesclose attention, in addition, it should be supplemented with physical exercises. So, animal fats without any compromises should be deleted from the daily diet, red light also receives all kinds of sausage, milk and sour cream. Restrictions apply to the use of eggs. We will have to give up confectionery and sweet confectionery.

On the other hand, it is necessary to increase to a maximumThe amount of fish and other seafood that must appear on your table at least twice a week. It is not necessary to chase afterexotic products, the herring habitual for us, salmon and mackerel contain useful acids, which not only will help the cardiovascular system and will not carry excess calories.

If you choose meat, it must belean, like cottage cheese or cheese. Butter and mustard oil must give way to vegetable oils. In addition to the usual sunflower and olive, use also linseed, corn, pumpkin. In principle, all vegetable oils are very useful.

So, if you are over 50, the most useful, and thereforecompulsory at least twice a week, are the following products: broccoli, walnuts, beets, both conventional and sugar, cheese, the main thing is not fat, yogurt and sea fish. In addition to dieting, it is important to spend more time on the air in motion.

So if you follow the rules of healthy eating, you can keep the beauty, youth health for many years.

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