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What foods enhance and preserve tan?

In addition, you will need a permanentPromote the cells of your body to restore the strength required for regular sunny sessions. There are a number of foods that act as stimulants to produce a special substance called melanin. It is on him that the distinctive bronze shade that appears on the skin during sunburn depends. Such products, among other things, keep tan on the body. As an adverse side effect of these products can be identified that they saturate the body with many of the vitamins, can prolong the young skin condition, strengthen the overall health of the person, especially positively affecting the nails and hair. Among these products, first of all, carrots should be isolated. In it, the content of carotene is very high.

It is this substance that is responsible for the retentionTan on the skin for a long time. Therefore, going to the beach or to the tanning session, be sure to eat a dish of fresh carrots or just drink a glass of carrot juice.

The next type of product, useful for obtainingThe desired tan, are apricots. In their composition, a high concentration of carotene can also be detected. But apart from it in apricots there is phosphorus, iron, and also the basic groups of vitamins. It is the apricots responsible for the fact that sunburn appears on the skin quite quickly. Also, these fruits create for the skin a certain protective barrier, which prevents the influence of harmful radiations. To make the tan shade as intense as possible, it is recommended to eat at least two hundred and fifty grams of these fruits every day.

Along with apricots, a positive effect will alsoPeaches. They are rich in iron, potassium, fluoride and vitamins. Melanin as a result of eating peaches is produced in much larger quantities. Sunburn from this becomes more even.

Grapes are also useful for intensive sunburn. But its properties also have a remarkable effect on the human immune system. Grapes normalize the water balance, which is important when you are in the open sun. A grape juice contributes to the withering away of harmful cells. Since ancient times, grapes have been used as a preventive agent for various skin anomalies and diseases.

Extremely rich in vitamins, affectingA beautiful shade of skin and a product such as asparagus. With the help of it, natural protection is created for the skin from ultraviolet radiation. In addition, it is able to prevent the development of cancer.

High content of useful substances in melon. Especially a lot of it contains iron. Regular use of melon in food enhances the bronze shade on the surface of the skin. Sunburn thus manifests itself much faster. In addition, if you try to eat about three hundred grams of such a tasty and valuable product every day, you can make your tan perfectly even and distinct.

As a preventative against skin burns, it is recommended to eat tomatoes. Thanks to them, tan is manifested as soon as possible.

In addition to these products are also useful for people who love to sunbathe and such vegetable gifts as spinach, persimmons, sea kale and some types of oily sea fish.

And what products contribute to long-term sunburn on the skin? There are a lot of such.

First of all, one should remember the usual potatoes,Which perfectly preserves the color manifestations of the tan. As an auxiliary product for preserving the tan you can enjoy spinach, cheese and other dishes rich in vitamin A.

And from some goodies, on the contrary, it is worthRefuse before going to the beach or to the solarium. So, for example, they do not produce coffee, chocolate, salty or fried dishes, marinades and alcohol at all.

Skin exposed to sunlight,Requires a lot of moisturizing, so you should drink at least one and a half liters of clean drinking water a day. From carbonated beverages, it is better to give up completely. It is also better to drink cool water, instead of ice water, otherwise the body will spend extra effort on her warming. An excellent option can be green tea with ice cubes. This drink perfectly saturates the skin with the necessary moisture, maintains the optimal level of water balance in the body and does not interfere with the appearance of sunburn.
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