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How to choose a massage chair

Currently in many public placesMassage chairs are placed by the scavenger. For this, you just pay the indicated cost, run the program and you can enjoy a pleasant massage session. Also you can propose to test the work of a particular program or the work of a new model.

But if you are so fond of such a service, then you can easily buy such a seat to your home or office. And here it is worthwhile to think about how to make the right choice of a massage chair.

Why do I need a massage chair

In the first place,How and by whom the massage chair will be used. For example, the model you like can be ideal only for the office, but for the house or for the dacha another one is suitable, with a wider set of programs or quite the contrary, more specialized for a specific person.

Design and materials

It is worth noting that the massage chair is notOnly a sports simulator that will help restore your physical form, but also some kind of subject matter that will in future influence the overall atmosphere in the room where it will be located. Therefore it is very important to place it in a place where you can calmly relax and easily retire. It can be an office massage chair, sustained in the strict style of the leader or act as another developing simulator in the children's room.

The most important when choosing a massage chair isDo not chase the "natural" materials upholstery. At that saturation with which this device will be used, such a coating will quickly deteriorate and will not be considered to be of any quality.

The most suitable choice is an elastic artificial coating of a simpler material that will be more resistant to intensive mechanical stresses.

Since the massage chair is not a cheap thing andhis choice should be taken very seriously. But with competent operation and proper care, the massage chair can serve for more than a year, while maintaining its main functionality and original appearance.

Features of massage chairs

Pretended models of massage chairs are capable of massaging the legs, neck, arms, scapular region, buttocks, upper humeral girdle and waist. This set is the most common.

Among the most popular types of massage chairs are:

  • Aerial massage. Special pillows are built in here, which are filled with air and, when squeezed and unclenched, massages the muscles well over the large surface of the body.
  • Acupressure (Shiatsu). It is worth noting that since ancient times special points have been found on the human being, which have received the so-called cacapuncture, as well as centers of relaxation and vitality. Point massage massages the narrowly directed effect on these points and thus has a positive effect on the whole organism
  • Vibromassage. Here the massage takes place with the help of special vibro disks, which are able to work at different speeds.
  • Roller massage. Special rollers have a tremendous effect when working between clusters of nerve endings and in areas with the greatest muscle mass.
Also in the massage chairs can be provided and additional functions:
  • Infrared therapy, which expands blood vessels and thereby allows faster absorption of oxygen into the blood
  • Thermotherapy, allows you to warm up some parts of the body, such as the lower back, to pleasant and high temperatures.

Manufacturing technology for massage chairs

Current production technologyMassage chairs reached an incredible height. Highly intelligent scanning systems are able to accurately determine the growth, weight, pulse and even the intensity of sweating. In general, all-room and overall parameters and physical condition of a person. Half-basic data, a massage chair can independently develop a specialized and optimal massage program or suggest one already saved in memory.

It should be noted that there are massagearmchairs with manual and automatic settings. And of course, it is up to the buyer to decide which chair to give his preference to. Of course, automation is always easy, simple and quick. You do not need to re-read the instructions several times and enter into something. Enough to choose the necessary package of ready-made settings and everything, you can enjoy and get pleasure from the massage. But all the same, here it is necessary to ask a question - you were satisfied with speed and intensity of massage? Automation is able to offer only its best program and no in the automatics can not read the thoughts and catch the psychological attunement of the user. Therefore, a more reasonable choice is a massage armchair combined control.

The heart of the mechanism

Speaking of the mechanism of the heart, it is worth giving specialattention to the number of massage rollers that are hidden in the chair itself. If you buy a chair with six rollers, you end up with a chair with a limited set of options. But too many of the massage rollers, namely over 9 or 10 is not indicative of a high quality massage machine.

Also a guarantee of long-term service and stabilitymassage chair is a quality motor. If the company produces not only massage chairs, but imitators, and does not purchase accessories for them, this greatly improves the reliability of the construction.

Motoryavlyaetsya the basis of all massage movements, it is on it depends not only the quality of products, but most importantly - the healing effect.


Of course the question is "which firm to choose?"There is no definitive answer, but certainly, one should not trust firms that are one-days old who do not have any experience in this field. The most popular and high-quality massage chairs are the seats from America and Japan. But also some European companies are in great demand in the modern market. But in any case, the company simply obliged to provide all-relevant documents and a guarantee for its products.


Massage chairs are strictly contraindicated in patients with osteopathyrosis, with spinal cord injuries, patients with hypertension, acute heart disease and varicose veins.

In addition, there are restrictions for young children, pregnant women and women who have just given birth, as well as people who are prescribed bed rest, for example, with flu.

But it is worthwhile to note that in many massage chairsthere is a limited massage function for only one selected zone. Such a massage will remove the fatigue of the soda zone and at the same time gently bypass the others.

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