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Partner birth: for and against

Pros of the joint birth

  1. Many rightly believe that a man,Who saw how his child appears on the light, rather begins to feel like a father. Especially touching is a young dad, who was entrusted with cutting the umbilical cord. Just imagine the emotions that are usually felt by the strong-sexes who are mean to show feelings when they receive a bundle on their hands, which a minute ago they were weighed and examined by the doctors. Now the pope had the opportunity for the first time to be alone with his creation.
  2. The husband present at birth is capable ofProvide not only moral support. Often during labor, you need to massage your lower back, pat your wife, call in time a midwife or an anesthesiologist. Naturally, emotional support plays an important role.
  3. Many women panically fear childbirth, and thanThe closer the cherished date, the less they want to go to the hospital. Once you have got there and found yourself in an unknown place, and even in such a piquant position, they may even become embarrassed or unstuck. Here the husband will be at hand, because who is not the closest person is able to support in difficult times. During fights and breaks between them, the husband can distract the beloved by talking, reading her book or magazine, helping to move around the ward. A man can also be an outlet in a stressful situation, so do not get upset if a woman giving birth is screaming.
  4. Many men believe that if the child wasAre conceived by both spouses, then both should be present when he comes into the world. Moreover, the spouse most often with pride tells relatives and friends that he was not just present at birth, but actively participated in the process itself.
  5. Unfortunately, in our maternity homes stillThere is a negligent attitude to the women in childbirth, and the presence of the husband will keep them in good shape. In addition, the man will be able to control all the actions of midwives, nurses, anesthesiologists, because a woman at this moment is busy with what happens to her body and to observe everything happening around her, she simply does not have the strength and ability.

Cons of joint delivery

Despite the joyful expectations from partnerChildbirth, some couples are disappointed in the joint participation in the birth of their mummy. And even if your spouse expressed a desire to be present at such an important event, it is still worth exploring the disadvantages of joint births.

  1. Childbirth is a process outwardly prettyUnattractive, because even if everything goes as planned by nature, think about whether your husband is ready to see the blood, ruptures and manipulations that doctors will be carrying out with you.
  2. It is believed that a woman should be a mysteryAnd only in this case the spouse will be interesting to its second half. Perhaps, childbirth and are the secret, slightly open the veil of which in front of a man is not worth it.
  3. For many men, the psyche is not so strong,As it may seem at first glance. And if the husband, who has read all about the process of delivery in the books, believes that he is completely ready to be present in the prenatal ward and the delivery room, one should cool his ardor. Otherwise, there may be a situation in which a woman not only will not have to expect help from her husband, but she will be forced to distract herself to make sure that everything is in order. Such husbands are hindered also by doctors who, instead of helping to appear in the light of a new life, look out for the man not to faint and break his head against the tile. It is often possible to observe the situation when a nurse with a cotton wool moistened with ammonia is put to her husband. On the one hand, it's funny, but there's no time to think about entertaining at such a crucial moment or giving birth to a woman, or doctors.
  4. Not every woman can relax inPresence of other people, let it even be a beloved husband. Having been left alone under the supervision of physicians, they clearly perform all the commands, focusing on their feelings. The presence of the man in such a case only distracts.
  5. Previously, it was widely believed thatA man who was present at the birth of his wife, grows cold towards her in a sexual way. True or not, only each specific pair that survives together the entire process of the birth of the baby can solve it.

In either case, it is important to understand that the presenceHusband of nature - this is his own decision and if he refuses to be with you at this time, it is worth trying to understand the reasons and listen to his arguments. It often happens that a man for some reason missed the birth of the firstborn, but certainly wants to see how he comes into the world His second child. Happen and the reverse situation: the husband was so shocked by what he saw during the first birth of his wife, that to be with her at the time of the birth of the second child, she refuses. And here the woman will have to accept her husband as he is.

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