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Unloading day on buckwheat

In this article we will talk about a fairly simple andEasy way of losing weight. And even in the gym you do not have to write down and torture your body with suspicious pills for weight loss or hard diets.

A good alternative to all this isUnloading day for buckwheat. And notice that this is not a diet. There is no need to remain cold for the whole day, buckwheat will not lead you to a hungry fainting. You will have to wait only one day. And in reward for diligence: minus one kilogram per day. If this information interests you, then it is worthwhile to determine the benefits of this magical cereal.

So, the fact that buckwheat is useful is well known. But a few know what exactly is its usefulness for the human body, and what effect it has when dropping excess kilograms.

It was revealed that the buckwheat contained a number ofMicroelements - copper, magnesium, phosphorus, iodine, iron, potassium. This croup is rich in such vitamins as P, vitamins of group B (B1, B2, B3, B6). An important feature of buckwheat is that it contains gratin, which reduces the permeability and fragility of blood vessels. Another important ingredient of buckwheat is lysine. This is one of the essential amino acids, which is necessary for the assimilation of calcium by the organism. Lysine is not synthesized in the human body, so the amino acid must be in the right quantities to be supplied with food, and in this case, buckwheat is the most suitable product.

In addition to all the buckwheat porridge contains a largeThe number of nutritional fibers. The latter are very useful, since they cleanse the intestines of slags, improve digestion, strengthen intestinal peristalsis, strengthen the walls of the vascular vessels. Note that buckwheat is characterized by a low glycemic index, which means a slow rise in the level of glucose in the blood after its use. This feature makes buckwheat a universal product, which can be consumed even by people with diabetes.

Unloading day

So, there is no doubt in the use of buckwheat groats, butHow to use it on days off? It is recommended to pour 250 grams of buckwheat in the evening with two glasses of boiling water. Cover with a lid, roll in a towel or blanket and soar overnight. In no case can you add salt to buckwheat, sugar butter. It is better to exclude these foods from the diet or at least on fasting days on buckwheat.

Nutritionists recommend washing buckwheat with low-fatKefir or water, and mineral water is permissible. It is allowed to drink up to 2.5 liters of mineral water per day, so drink to your health. Two glasses of steamed buckwheat, divide into several meals. Kefir is better to choose skim and use no more than 1 liter.

Secret buckwheat in the growing thin

Many may be skeptical of thepresented information and to doubt the effectiveness of the method in dropping extra-kilograms. After all, this diet leaves a woman full, so how can you lose weight, and in one day?

And the secret of buckwheat is simple. The thing is that buckwheat porridge in combination with kefir gives some laxative effect. Peristalsis of the intestine is increased, which helps to cleanse the body. And this is the first important step towards health and beauty.

In connection with this peculiarity of a day of unloading on buckwheat, I advise you to stay at home to avoid getting into an uncomfortable situation.

Types of discharge and their features

Unloading on buckwheat can turn into a severetest only for those who can not live without salt. Such people buckwheat porridge without solo shows very tasteless. Perhaps many people would immediately discard the option of getting rid of excess kilograms, if the nutritionists did not offer to leave the tasteless, insoluble situation. There are two ways to make the diet tastier. First, in buckwheat before steaming, you can add dry kelp and insist them together all night.

Secondly, already steamed buckwheat porridge canSeason with a natural soy sauce, which will give the gruel flavor. Note that dieticians allow the use of four tablespoons of Japanese refueling per day. In this case, you will have to make a choice between unloading days on buckwheat and kefir or to replace the latter with soy sauce. In any case, this should not influence the result of unloading.

Another option that is allowednutritionists, this is the replacement of mineral water for green tea with lemon and honey. It is allowed to drink a piece of chamomile with chamomile. It is revealed that all these drinks are equally capable of removing the slag that has accumulated in the human intestine. A cleansing is a direct way to losing weight.

It is not recommended to sit on the unloading days solely at one kefir. In the opinion of nutritionists, this restriction is not desirable, since the body needs water more than food.

And lastly, remember that with unloading daysNot to abuse. As they say, everything should be in moderation. You can lose weight on buckwheat once a week, and on the rest of the day, choose your correct, balanced food, drink more fluids, do physical exercises - all this will make you healthy, slim, beautiful.

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