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Products from which you do not get fat

Some girls tend to think thatlow-calorie, useful products a priori tasteless to be absorbed by them every day - too big a sacrifice for the sake of a slim figure. In fact, in addition to parsley, there are many other useful products that, despite its goodness, will not stay in your body in the form of fat deposits.

Of course, to look not just thin, butexactly slender and smart, one meal will not be enough. Only regular physical activity will keep your body toned and form the sports contours of the figure. Nevertheless, if you just gorge yourself with unhealthy, fatty foods, and after running to the gym to get rid of the consequences, you will not only harm your organism, but also spend all your free time. Therefore, we will begin the right catering.


Soup is very nutritious and at the same time less calories than many other dishes. Since there is a lot of liquid in the soup, they can be eaten and at the same time do not gain weight. It has a good effect on the digestive system.

Of course, if you eat fattySoups made on chicken broth, with large chunks of meat or cheese, with the addition of the mayonnaise, there is no need to talk about some benefit to the body when losing weight.

For soup to have the desired effect, it should beVegetable. The soup will be even more useful if you add beans to it. But do not forget about the sense of proportion. Suffice it to eat 1-2 plates and wait a bit. The feeling of satiety does not always arise immediately, so many overeat, thinking that they have not ate enough.


Theoretically, you can eat a lot of sauerkrautCabbage. In practice, you can not (and do not need) constantly eat it, because it contains a lot of fiber. In salad sauerkraut almost no fat, and if it does not add sunflower oil, then the caloric content of the salad will decrease by 2.5 times.

Vkapuste contains the necessary mineral substances. It strengthens the immune system and has bactericidal properties. Of the vitamins in it in large quantities contains vitamin C, K and group B.

Every day adding sauerkraut to your diet, you will not only lose a few extra pounds, but also strengthen your body before the onset of winter frosts.

Carrot juice

Carrots are a low-calorie product, very rich in beta-carotene, which is necessary for fighting disease-causing microorganisms.

Especially useful is raw carrots. In order to fully absorb it, you need to add a little sunflower oil. You can eat in dishes or separately - in the form of carrot juice or finely grated.

If you suddenly do not want to eat at the time, eat carrots and starve to the next meal.

When buying yogurt, be sure to pay attention tocomposition and calorie content. Fruit yogurt is very caloric. Some contain sugars. This yogurt is not suitable for snacks. Yogurt should have a fat content of no more than 1.5%.

They are very useful for the work of the intestines. As well as soups, they stimulate the exchange of substances. To that they are useful for strengthening the immune system.

Daily it is useful to use no more than 200 grams of yogurt.

Very useful and nutritious salads with the addition of black. It does not have a very pleasant smell and taste, but this can be corrected by adding a bit of salt and sunflower oil.

In black radish contains a lot of fiber andmalokalory, so you will quickly come feeling full, but you can not get extra pounds. In addition, it takes out their body excess cholesterol.

A day is useful to eat no more than 3 fruits. If you have any allergies, you can, of course, have as many as you like, but then they will have more harm than good. The most low-calorie citrus fruits are mandarins, followed by grapefruits and oranges.

Citrus fruits accelerate the process of recovery and contribute to the rejuvenation of the body. For burning fats, grapefruit is especially suitable.

If you like sweets and you find it hard to resistIn order not to eat another chocolate, replace them with dried fruits. They are also delicious, but the benefits from them are much greater. Dried fruits interfere with the development of cancer cells and improve concentration and performance. Also sweet can be replaced with walnuts, walnuts, forest, peanuts, etc. They contain folic acid and iodine.

The daily intake of dried fruit is no more than 50 g per day.

If you are used to drinking coffee in the morning, then youwill have to apply all his will and patience to switch to tea. So you will provide a quick loss of pounds. Coffee is harmful because it contains caffeine, because of which the body retains the fat. Some people prefer to drink coffee with milk every day, and even a few cups, and at the same time wonder where they get excess weight from.

It is useful to drink herbal and fruit teas. Green tea burns fats more than others.

The main thing is a sense of proportion. Do not daily limit yourself to your favorite dishes. Learn to choose the right foods that will be included in their composition and portions.

Do not avoid the opportunity to run,go up to the steps on foot or go through a one-stop. In such simple ways, you will save time and improve your figure without significant efforts of heavy diet.

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