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Inflammation of the ovaries: signs

It should be noted that with the development of thisThe habitual performance of the ovaries as a whole is disrupted. It is very useful and important for women to know the fact that such a pathology can lead to disturbances in the reproductive system. As a result, it is possible that infertility may develop. Inflammation itself arises inside the uterus in this context, but over time the inflammation passes to the fallopian tubes, then to the mucous membrane, etc.

The main symptoms of oophoritis

Symptoms of any disease give us a kind ofdistress call. They should serve as the basis for an immediate transition to treatment. No disease can be triggered, because then everything can go into serious complications, and it will be necessary to treat not only the "hot spot" itself. Any disease without treatment goes to other organs. Therefore, any treatment should be timely. As for the symptoms of oophoritis, this must be approached with all seriousness. But it is worth noting that it also happens that the signs practically do not differ from any other type of disease, or the woman does not know about this kind of disease in principle. In view of this, we will consider this pathology in more detail.

The most terrible consequence can beReproductive system, which leads to infertility. It is also worth noting that treatment of such a pathology should be timely. Otherwise, it can lead to intoxication of the body, and can also allow infection to enter the central nervous system, the endocrine system, and also into the gastric tract. Therefore, with the first symptoms, you should immediately contact the appropriate doctor. But on what grounds can you calculate such a process?

It should be noted that such a disease asOophoritis, can be divided into three stages: acute, subacute and chronic. Chronic oophoritis can not even be noticed. Therefore, one hundred percent it can be identified only by visiting a gynecologist. After all, similar symptoms of this process can be given for other diseases, such as, for example, flatulence, appendicitis. If you consider the acute form of the disease, then its signs are more prominent. It is important to remember that any symptoms give a signal to the body that everything is not all right, and only a visit to the doctor will be able to arrange all the points.

  1. Elevated body temperature has always beenA signal that an inflammatory process is taking place in the body. And even more so, if there are no external prerequisites for high temperature, for example, you are not sick, neither throat, nor cough, nothing disturbs you. This should be the first reason for going to the doctor.
  2. Separation of genital organs of unusual consistencyAnd an unusual color, such as white, should alert you. As well as discharge from the vagina with pus, or bleeding uterine, similar to those that occur during menstruation. Failures of periodicity in the menstrual cycle also carry problems.
  3. High fatigue, irritable mood, poor state of health, appetite, inadequate standards. All this can serve as a basis for oophoritis, due to reduced immunity.
  4. Unpleasant sensations in the abdomen, in the groinCan go to the zone of the lumbar region. Pain flow with varying intensity. If oophoritis of acute form prevails, then the pain is much stronger, but when chronic it may not be.

If at the time of reading this article you have identified a number of signs of ovarian inflammation, immediately consult a doctor and begin any treatment in a timely manner.

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