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Medicinal herbs and berries in the home medicine cabinet

What medicinal herbs should be at home?
Do not rush to take pills with ailments, first brew the grass.

Garden, peppermint is an amazing herb. It is drunk as a medicine, brewed like tea, eaten as spices. Mint is applied from many diseases. If you have a sick stomach, pour 200 ml of boiling water a teaspoon of mint and insist for 20 minutes. To drink a mint infusion it is necessary in 3 receptions in small sips and easy to lie down. With nausea, heaviness in the stomach, heartburn - do the same actions. This aromatic drink is enjoyed by both adults and children. If you are upset and nervous, you can not fall asleep in any way, the children are still ashamed, take and put a pinch of dry mint into the teapot, it fits well with green and black tea. Add a spoonful of honey. And the smell that will spread around the apartment will have its healing effect. In the morning, mint tea leaves, which remained in the teapot, her infusion wipe the neck, face. Infusion of mint improves skin color and enhances the protective functions of the epidermis.

Beautiful orange flowers has a calendula,They grow everywhere until late autumn. Abroad, nails are colored and flavored with butter, cheeses and substitutes. In England and the United States, marigolds are added to stews, salads, soups. Flowers of calendula serve for decoration of festive dishes. The plant has bactericidal properties, it is used from streptococcal pathogens, staphylococci. It is effective to use the infusion of calendula for rinsing with stomatitis, sore throat, and throat. For this, add 1 table to a glass of boiling water. Spoon of dried marigold, insist infusion 30 minutes. Torn off the knees, scratches, burns soak this infusion. You can wash your eyes with conjunctivitis, burns. If this infusion take 1 table. Spoon three times a day, this will help with diarrhea. Do not forget to wash this infusion in the morning.

Rowan is harvested after the first frosts. It is dried at room temperature or frozen. It is useful in winter, when the body lacks vitamins, which can weaken the immune system and when you become vulnerable to viruses. Add 5 berries to the teapot, this infusion will saturate with vitamins and help with violation of salt balance and in the work of the stomach.

It's a storehouse of vitamins. It is recommended during, after and for the prevention of viral diseases. Increases the general resistance to various infectious diseases and work capacity in children and the elderly, promotes bile secretion, improves metabolism. Applied with atherosclerosis and hypertension, normalizes the work of the stomach.

The berries are chosen bright red or orange and dried at room temperature. Berries of dogrose are brewed in a thermos, for this purpose it is enough to add 7 berries for one liter of water, 2 hours insist.

Drink from the dogrose to drink during the autumn, winter,Spring with interruptions. You can diversify the drink with additives for this recipe - brew 7 hips of wild rose in a one-liter thermos, add 7 berries of mountain ash and half a teaspoon of mint. You can use it in cold or warm form with honey throughout the day.

Herbs act on the human body softer than chemical preparations. But from them there is also an allergy.

Calendula without the recommendation of a doctor, use only externally. Infusions are stored no more than a day at room temperature. Health to you!
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