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"Unconventional" causes of early aging

American doctors during their researchWere observed in 239 women aged 50-65 years. Their state of health was practically at the same level and their chances of looking good and were much the same. But during the experiment, the researchers found that the ability to concentrate on the environment and events that occurred influenced the size of telomeres that protect chromosomes from damage. The longer the ladies could do this, the longer the length of their telomeres.

While scientists can not find a rational explanationThis phenomenon and establish a causal link. They are not ready to answer unequivocally, are telomeres shortened because of dreamyness, or, on the contrary, their loss makes older women indulge in dreams. They also permit the existence of yet another, as yet unknown factor, which would link these two processes.


This is another non-standard reason for aging.

But only if it is chosenwrong. Remembering cosmetologists, it is better not to use facial care products at all, than to buy low-quality products. Due to cosmetics of poor quality, occlusion of sebaceous glands occurs, the skin becomes dry and can become covered with pimples. The skin due to clogged pores is not able to fully perform its functions, which leads to its premature aging.

Inadequate facial expression

Everyone has probably heard the myth that, smiling andWrinkling the forehead, we provoke the appearance of wrinkles. But in fact, the main stroke of skin health causes a bad blood supply, which is caused by the lack of movement of the muscles of the face. Movement is just as useful for the face as it is for the body. But since the habitual, worked out for a long time, mimic the training of only certain muscle groups. And in order to use all the rest, it is necessary to perform special exercises or at least to be more frequent and laugh. It was estimated that the smile drives 17 muscles, and the kiss - 29 (or 34, according to other studies), which is an excellent prevention that prevents the premature appearance of wrinkles.


Another secret inferiority is abstinence. Doctors are unanimous in the opinion that regular sex is useful both physically and emotionally. American scientists came to a conclusion that due to regular sex, the functions of many vital systems of our organization are being restored. In addition, they cause a sense of satisfaction and contribute to the emergence of emotional intimacy. Conversely, if sexual activity is reduced, life expectancy is reduced. This relationship was proved by Swedish scientists, who observed 5 years of age at the age of 128 men. Thus, they managed to find out that increased mortality is directly related to the early cessation of sexual life.


Hard restriction in nutrition than in realityIs the majority of the diet, does not give the body all the necessary nutrients. A balanced diet means that it must contain all the food components: proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and trace elements. If the organism does not receive (or receives in insufficient quantity) any of these components, this negatively affects the work of all its organs and systems that prematurely exhaust their resources. Observing the same basic principles of healthy eating, you can correct the situation and solve this problem.

Absurdity of existence and lack of goals

A person who does not see meaning in his life, moreProne to cdepression. Due to apathy, depression of activity, it becomes sluggish and unviable, which leads to crane aging. In addition, the health of the whole organism is negatively affected by stress, a constant companion of feelings of emptiness and impotence. The presence of even the most insignificant goal causes enthusiasm and makes you go forward, carefully treats your health and life in general. If a person does not have a driving force in the form of his dreams, he remains indifferent to everything, including how he looks.

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