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Easy support for the perfect figure

Certainly, miracles do not happen, but no matter what happensIn order to constantly support yourself in the form you just need to help your body speed up the metabolic processes. And in order to do this, you do not need to wear yourself out for a long time in sports clubs and exhaust yourself with low-calorie diets. In order to speed up the metabolic processes in the body, you can try to change your habits a little.

To accelerate the exchange processes will help green tea. Scientifically proven that if 3 times a day to drink green tea, the metabolic processes are greatly accelerated, so those who want to lose weight or just maintain their shape should go to green tea. In addition, if there is a catastrophic lack of time for the gym, you can simply perform several simple exercises several times a day, even at work during breaks, such as squats, light jumps, leaning forward 10 times per break. Believe me, a person needs physical exercise, even in this form. It will also be useful to walk on foot, while it is very useful to periodically accelerate the step, so you can recharge the metabolic mechanisms.

It should also be noted that the shortage of certainVitamins and minerals in our body also slows down the metabolism. For example, lack of iron in the body prevents the normal metabolism, so in our diet should always be present products such as green apples, liver, black currant, buckwheat, dried apricots, prunes, beans, veal, and, of course, vitamin and mineral complexes will help Provide our body with the necessary mineral. It is also necessary to regularly eat low-fat dairy products, which ensure the intake of calcium in the body, and this mineral is necessary for normal work in our body of the mechanism of burning excess fat. Necessary to our body of minerals will ensure and eating fish. Fish should be on our table at least 3-4 times a week.

Even for our body is very important waterA balance that simply needs to be maintained. Therefore, every day you must drink 2 liters of plain water, or at least 1.5. Using the amount of water necessary for the body, we will help him burn more calories, and the weight, meanwhile, will decrease. If you want to lose weight or support your body, you need to exclude alcohol, which reduces metabolism, by depressing the central nervous system.

And, of course, you should try to avoidStress, because, so-called, "stress hormone" spurs appetite, promotes the accumulation of fat inside the abdominal cavity, slows metabolism. Therefore, you need to worry less, allow yourself to relax more often, try to receive from life a maximum of positive emotions, periodically relieve internal tension. It is very important for a person to sleep, so you need to pour out, because the tired body will not have enough strength to perform its normal functions, and even more so to burn calories.

And to maintain a normal weight simplyIt is necessary to have a good breakfast. Morning absorption of food encourages life processes, but in general you need to take food at least 5 times a day, and between meals should be no more than 4 hours.
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