/ How to cope with irritability and nervousness

How to cope with irritability and nervousness

When you are waiting.

Transport left before your eyes, and the arrivalThe next one is unknown. The number of people waiting for transportation is increasing. You feel that your breathing is getting louder, and the fury is about to burst out.


  1. First of all, it is necessary to leaveA congestion of people waiting, because people who are mastered by such unfavorable emotions have the ability to transmit them. Calm down, take a deep breath and stop waiting, peering into the distance and waiting for the bus to appear.
  2. It is worth thinking about something pleasant, for example, consider people, maybe someone's outfit will attract you, or watch the nature, it is always beautiful.
  3. Repeating to myself the phrase: "Where is the bus! He is not! What to do! He does not go! ", So you just feel your nerves, and from this transport will not come faster. And if your eyes involuntarily fall into the place from where the bus should appear, repeat mentally "Finally it goes!". After all, any thoughts are material.

If you delay.
You do not notice how fast the time flies on the clock. Unsuccessful in time to appear in a certain place. No excuses can save you. Neither the delay in the bus, nor on the roads - you can not be saved.


  1. When you make an appointment, alwaysWarn that you can stay for a while. For large cities, this is considered the norm. When scheduling a meeting, try to choose a place in which you can expect. For example, avoid assigning places such as a street, as waiting for a long time in the cold or under the scorching sun is not very convenient. Let it be places like a cafe or a store in case of emergency.
  2. Terribly late, try to calm yourself. After all, if you are late, the end of the world will not happen. The displeasure of the person waiting for you is just waiting for you. And this is not such an important thing, because of which one should so experience and spoil your nervous system.
  3. If there is an option where youYou can change the conditions of stay, use this. For example, call a taxi, or catch it on the street, so you can shorten the time of arrival. Nerves are much more important than any money.

You are angry.

At the cashier in the store there was no change, with yourBanknotes, and here, she gave you a whole dilemma on the topic of people who do not have small money. On the bus or any vehicle you were pushed, naked, and shouted an insult after you. You feel the blood coming to the head, and you just boil with anger.


  1. Take deep breaths to regain the normal rhythm of breathing. Relax each muscle of your body. Mentally imagine how you are enveloped in a warm state of tranquility.
  2. Can be counted in reverse order, for example, from 100 to 1. This is soothing.
  3. Think about the funny moments in your life, and scroll in your head again and again.
  4. Think of a place where you are always comfortable and calm. Maybe it's the seashore, or the shop in the park.

When you feel that you are provoked.

In the same transport, stuffed with a crowd of people, oftenFlare up. The basis for this is a violation of personal space. The fact is that in psychology there is such an indicator as an intimate space, which is about 10 centimeters. If someone without reason violates this zone, then at a subconscious level is perceived as hostile.


  1. You can mentally imagine an impenetrable border that separates you from your opponent.
  2. Do not enter on a provocation. Think about something of your own.
  3. There are so-called energy vampires who get a charge from conflict situations. Therefore, they are often provoked. Wish mentally such a person health and happiness.

They test your nerves.

Terribly late, you are watching a picture of how the cashier's office slowly fills out forms and communicates on the phone to outsiders. She obviously plays on your nerves.


  1. Think about whether you want to feel such a feeling at the whim of this lady.
  2. Try to pacify the anxiety.
  3. Wish her health and all the best. Maybe this is what she lacks in life.
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