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Sinusitis during pregnancy

Sinusitis during pregnancy

Because of poorly cured colds,There is inflammation of the maxillary sinuses of the nose, because of them outflow from the sinus is blocked and not allowed to be produced naturally by cleaning the mucous membrane of the sinus. In this case, a protective reaction of the body appears, in that the amount of mucus produced increases, which worsens the situation.

Bacteria living on the mucous membrane fallIn a favorable environment and multiply intensely, which leads to the formation of pus in the sinuses. Rarely, but the cause of the disease can be an infection that has fallen due to untreated roots of teeth in the upper jaw.

Sinusitis during pregnancy is dangerous becauseThis inflammatory process passes near the eyes and brain. And if you do not treat the inflammatory process, then pus will cause multiple infections, inflammation of the meninges and easily fall into the neighboring departments.

Not all future mothers during pregnancy notice the manifestations of this disease, but they note general weakness, lack of appetite, heat, nasal congestion, headaches.

Usual patient for diagnosisGenyantritis is performed by X-ray examination of the sinuses of the nose, but in pregnancy this method of diagnosis is prohibited. In pregnancy, sinusitis can be detected with ultrasound examination of the sinuses of the nose, but this method is approximate.

The correct diagnostic tool will be a punctureMaxillary sinus, it is also useful during treatment, but because it is a great stress for a pregnant woman, they try to refuse it. This procedure is carried out with local anesthesia, but it is resorted to in extreme cases.

Treat sinusitis allow pharmacologicalMeans, but since during pregnancy it is undesirable to use antibiotics, the drugs are injected into the nasal sinuses. The patient is prescribed vasoconstrictor, which will have an effect if there is a minimal pus flow.

The presence of an inflammatory process in the body of the motherCan lead to unfortunate consequences for the development of the fetus. But if only during pregnancy there are the slightest signs of sinusitis, you need to seek medical help immediately.

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