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Harmful habits during pregnancy

Risks Cigarettes

Smoking cigarette during pregnancy almost 2Times can increase the risk of its dysfunctional completion. After each cigarette, the blood vessels of the placenta are descended, and the child is in a state of oxygen starvation for several minutes. Toxic components in smoke smoke have the ability to easily penetrate the placental barrier. At the same time the fetus is delayed in development.

Complications of pregnancy and childbirth,Tubal pregnancy, spontaneous abortions, premature births are much more likely to occur in women who smoke. Such women have a high risk of giving birth to an overly excitable child who will have symptoms of hyperactivity, with a deficit of weight and a level of intellectual development below the average. Such babies suffer from respiratory tract infections and respiratory diseases.

The earlier a pregnant woman refusesSmoking cigarettes, the better for a baby. Even if you gather strength and quit smoking in the last months of pregnancy - the benefit to the child will be invaluable tangible.

Alcohol abuse risks

Whatever the future mommy has eaten or drunk, babyWill receive the same. Alcohol easily penetrates the placenta of the fetus, and significantly increases the risk of birth of a premature baby, and in the most severe cases - the development of alcohol syndrome. This syndrome can be characterized by specific abnormalities of the face: strabismus, short eye gap, flattening of the head, a nasolabial fold is smoothened, as well as a lag in intellectual and physical development, congenital heart and other organ defects. Children born with alcohol syndrome, usually irritated, restless, have a weak grasping reflex, poor coordination, they are characterized by defects in the development of the central nervous system.

During the embryonic period (the first 2Month of pregnancy) the use of alcohol can affect not only the child's psyche, but also all the further development of his body. Frequent consequences are the development of the heart, joints and genital organs.
You will meet people who will say thatKnow women who used alcohol during pregnancy, and at the same time gave birth to a full-fledged child. Perhaps you also know such mothers. Everything is possible. Do you have such a risk? After all, there is no single safe dose for all kids.

Drinking coffee with caffeinated beverages

During pregnancy, it is recommended thatLimit the use of coffee, tea, other tonic drinks. Only a pregnant woman drinks a cup of coffee, as her blood pressure increases, blood vessels become placental, blood circulation worsens, oxygen does not flow to the fetus.

In addition, caffeine is quite a diureticMeans. It dehydrates the body, and damages the health of your and your baby. If you already often visit the toilet, coffee only will increase the number of these visits.

Abandoning bad habits seems difficult. However, when the scales health and the whole future of your child - it's worth it. In order to endure and give birth to a healthy baby, you need to make changes in your lifestyle: eat right, normalize your weight and get rid of harmful habits. You will feel better yourself, and the boundless gratitude of your child will be the best reward for your efforts!

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