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Office allergy: causes, consequences, ways of fighting

A similar notion appeared not long ago, butOne of three employees working in offices is observed. Let's pay attention that in zonariska there are not only representatives of harmful manufacture. This also includes fairly common and inoffensive quality posts. In what way is it and how does it happen?

1.Technika in the office.

Everyone knows that no office can do withoutPrinter. If you approach the similar technique at the time of printing closer and listen to the smell, you can feel a barely perceptible, but at the same time unpleasant smell. And all because in the process of printing, a large quantity of ink is blown into the air, more precisely, its droplets are not noticeable. Similar substances, getting into the nose, mouth or eyes and subjecting the organism to the nervous reactions.

To prevent such a disease, ideally,To install this technique separately from the personnel. Part of the office, where the equipment can be located, should be well ventilated. Also, in order to prevent, you need to wash your hands and wash more often.

2.High content of dust.

Dust is one of the most active andInfluential allergens. At first glance, such an indicator as dust seems innocuous. But this is only at first glance. It is worth treating this phenomenon much more seriously. The fact is that even if your office is carefully cleaned, it's still talking about the complete absence of dust. There are such places as a system unit, or top cabinets, blinds. This accumulation of dust is not reflected in the best way by the staff, which results in a cough, making breathing more difficult.

A good antiseptic will serve as special napkins for the office. By regularly processing their technique, keyboard, monitor, you can protect yourself from such a disease.

3. Spore formation.

From a medical point of view, microscopicSpores mold, the so-called fungus spores, which belong to a number of the most powerful allergens. If you think about it, it's hard to imagine how such a factor could be in the office. This is more typical for a home, an apartment where there is a bathroom and the presence of moisture there creates all the necessary conditions for the occurrence of such an allergen. But not everything is so simple. Mold can be formed in the soil of flower pots, and in water supply filters. Also in the air conditioner - the most suitable area for the emergence and proliferation of mold, which later is also sprayed into the air.

To prevent the presence of mold,Regularly inspect plants, their land and, if necessary, transplant them. Also periodically call a specialist who will be able to inspect your air conditioner.

4. Stationary goods.

Do not forget that the causethe emergence of allergies can also serve as stationery: pens, pencils, rulers. The fact is that for long-term use all products are processed by such substances as nickel and chromium. With direct contact with a similar substance, you can get irritation of the skin of your hands and provoke dermatitis. Also, let's pay attention to the fact that a conventional ballpoint pen is not as harmless as it seems. Its ink has a very allergenic character.

To avoid all this, it is possible in this way, for example, to order plastic instead of a wooden ruler. And instead of a ballpoint pen, whose cheekbone is also not safe, gel.

5. Everyday money.

Known is the fact that products made fromParticleboard, MDF, plastic, laminate, can release harmful substances when temperature changes, for example, heating. Also here it is possible to carry office furniture, whatever it was for appearance, conceals a threat.

The only advice here is that,that it is necessary to regularly ventilate the room. Fresh air has a favorable effect on the body, and microparticles that stimulate the appearance of allergies will also be eroded.

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