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Top 10 things that shorten life on a daily basis

1. Wrong approach to nutrition.

Not the best way to have an effect on the bodyMalnutrition. A caloric food that contains a maximum of dyes and preservatives and a minimum of useful ingredients. All this adversely affects the body and provokes a variety of diseases, such as obesity or heart disease.

2. Tobacco products, alcoholic beverages and all sorts of energy.

Everyone knows that smoking is one of the mostMalicious habits, the consequence of which can be lung disease, cardiovascular disease. And also the general condition of the body worsens, fatigue and fatigue increase. As for alcohol, here and so it is understandable.

It is not necessary also to remind that alcoholismIt causes chemical dependence, and causes irreversible damage to the human body, carrying with itself the most diverse diseases. Energy drinks, in turn, also cause addiction with regular use. One serving of this drink contains a very large amount of caffeine, which puts a huge strain on the patient. A person due to frequent use of power engineers becomes sluggish.

3. Lack of sleep.

Deficiency of sleep is one of the most common andThe pernicious causes of the disease of the body. A person needs an average of at least seven to eight hours of regular sleep. A periodic lack of sleep leads to increased fatigue, as well as to diseases such as obesity, diabetes and the development of hypertension.

4. The use of substances of a narcotic nature.

Addiction and dependence of the body causeDrugs of any origin, even such as "grass" or hallucinogenic drugs. Such an addiction completely destroys the human body, leading to an irreversible effect. The dependent person changes his views on the world, and his behavior also changes. Dependence pushes people to commit crimes of any character, for the sake of obtaining the next dose, without which, according to their representation, life does not make sense. In the end, all this can lead to a fatal outcome.

5. Depressive state.

Constant excitement, stress, depression, all thisLeads to the deterioration of the organism, has a harmful effect on the psyche. Life becomes, as they say, "not into joy." The surrounding world seems gray and lifeless, the appetite disappears, the desire to maintain communication in others. Any depression does not pass without a trace.

6. Hatred and constant outbursts of anger.

Such processes also do not have the bestInfluence onorganism. Anger and rage have a destructive effect on the nervous system of a person. According to statistics, People who have given a greater period of life to preferring negative emotions in old age had all the chances of acquiring such a disease as senile senility.

7. Lazy state.

Previously, lazy people were associated with a sofa,Newspaper, TV. At the moment, these are people who are constantly spending time in front of a computer, giving preference to social networks and searching for useless information. Such a useless occupation does not bring any benefit in itself, but is against it. Spending a life in the search for something vague, you can miss the many opportunities that life gives us.

8. Cheating.

Deception keeps a person in constant agitation andExperience, no matter how secret it was revealed. It is always necessary to be resourceful and extravagant, which takes a lot of strength, both physical and moral.

9. Watching TV.

Here is meant that the permanent viewTelevision transmissions not only leads to a deterioration in health, but also a high probability of becoming a victim of harmful information. Currently, there is a lot of similar information, which has nothing to do with a healthy lifestyle.

10. Lack of active lifestyle.

A sedentary lifestyle leads to cardioVascular diseases, deterioration of general condition, increased fatigue, etc. Therefore, even if you do not exercise regularly, at least give yourself a daily time to walk in the fresh air.

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