/ How to prepare the body for the New Year?

How to prepare the body for the New Year?

Excessive consumption of fatty high-calorie foods andAlcoholic drinks in conjunction with low mobility during the holidays, disrupts the digestive system. Alcohol slows the withdrawal of harmful substances from toxins from the body, and its excessive consumption can lead to a violation of the functions of the pancreas. As a result, it is possible to reduce immunity, general weakness, lethargy. In addition, the intemperance behind the New Year's table directly affects the condition of the skin and hair.

To prepare the body for the New Year and reduceTo a minimum the negative consequences of drinking and eaten on New Year's Eve, arrange yourself a small period of absolutely healthy life - pretox. Pretox-program preparesorganism for excessive nutritional loads and toxins.


To increase the effectiveness of the pretox program, start it approximately 2-3 weeks before the New Year.

Improving digestion

Strengthen the intestinal microflora and supportImmunity will help "live" yogurts. Drink one yogurt every evening after eating. Include products with a high content of prebiotics, for example dairy products, bananas, legumes, cereals, corn flakes, onions, garlic. Observe the regime of nutrition - eat on time, give up diets, do not overeat.

Maintain the liver

Help your liver to withdraw the accumulatedTime of the holidays, toxins, cleanse it. To do this, for several weeks before the New Year, eat right, consume plenty of water, give up coffee and alcohol. Adding your diet to whole-grain foods, such as oatmeal or brown rice. To accelerate the bile secretion and thereby purify the liver, green fibrous vegetables rich in fiber and magnesium will help.

Weaken the load

Refuse for a while from heavy food, giveOwn preferences for vegetables and fruits. If you can not live without meat, eat a small piece of beef or low-fat lamb. Eliminate from your rationed drinks, frozen semi-finished products, canned food.

We clean the body of the slides

On an empty stomach drink a glass of water with severalDrops of freshly squeezed lemon juice, aloe juice and a small amount of honey for taste. In 15 minutes you can have breakfast. Such a simple morning procedure will support a dehydrated organism and cleanse it of toxins.

We spend therapy

The best juices for the pretox program are: Apple juice with safflower and parsley; Carrot and ginger juice; Juice from an apple, beets and a sauce; And also juice, consisting of carrots, beets and ginger. Drink a post-narcotoxic juice a day to speed up the production of collagen and improve the state of the skin. In addition, in pretox juices contains a huge number of vitamins.

Choose vegetable andfruit snacks

If you have a feeling of hunger, and before the timeThe main meal is still far away, eat a small vegetable or fruit snack. The most useful for your body during the preparation for the holidays will be such fruits and fruits as artichoke, broccoli, celery, cabbage and watermelon.

We accept vitamins

To maintain immunity, take vitaminsGroup B, because, due to stress and lack of sleep, their production in the body decreases. Increase the daily dosage of vitamin C (not less than 500 mg per day), Omega-3 and Omega-6. Drink a course of drugs with zinc and echinacea.

Get enough sleep

To a holiday lack of sleep does not become stressFor your body, take care of it in advance. As you know, the lack of sleep primarily affects the condition of our skin, since it is during sleep that the skin cells restore their cells. Therefore, at least a week before the holiday, try to sleep at least 8 hours a day. Before you go to bed, turn off all electrical appliances from outlets and ventilate the room, this will improve your sleep.

Move on

Lack of exercise in the festivePeriod makes your digestive system sluggish, which can lead to swelling or constipation. Therefore, try to make a small daily walk in the fresh air, do your favorite exercises and a little stretching.

All these simple recommendations will help you to meet the New Year in full "combat" readiness, not to gain extra pounds and feel good after the holidays.

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