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Calorie blockers: are they effective and safe?

But do real calorie blockers exist to date? And if there is, is it possible to safely use them in practice?

general information

"Calorie blockers" are known to medicine andDietology a fairly long time. To study the first samples, which were developed specifically for the needs of sports dietology, began back in the eighties of the last century. The basis of the first blockers included a substance that is stored in large quantities in beans and other leguminous crops. It is this that prevents the absorption of a large amount of starch.

The blockers include a natural and effective biological supplement that successfully fights overweight.

Doubts that the substance is really natural, does not arise, because it consists of an extract of white beans. But his safety remains a big question.

Many say that the biologically active additiveblocking the enzyme amylase. It is she who splits the starch into its constituents, since the actual carbohydrates begin to turn into fat, which settles inside the body. However, the splendid remedy blocks the splitting of carbohydrates, but not the calories. In addition, one capsule will not be able to cope with the cleavage of all carbohydrates, which are daily supplied with food in the human body.

Carbohydrates can enter the body not only instarch, but also in the form of sucrose, which is more harmful to the human body. Therefore, the drugs proposed by many can not be effective even from the point of view of physical digestion.

Conducted research

"Calorie blockers" were examined in differentLaboratories, they desperately wanted to say, a good result. That's only the amount of carbohydrates in the test tubes was small and did not equal with the consumption of food by some people. Conclusion - how much should you use bada to get the result?

But in experiments on animals, the results are notThe mice that were tested in the laboratory, in the first days of using the bean extract, lost weight slightly, but then quickly gained weight, which turned out to be a lot more than usual. This is due to the fact that the body involuntarily includes protective functions during the increase in the enzyme amylase. After the drug was canceled, the mice gained weight several times more.

In other words, dietary supplements not only did not contribute to weight loss, but even on the contrary, they increased weight, since the digestive system included a protective compensatory mechanism.

Among other things, to block allAmylase (and its development occurs both in the intestine and in saliva), a rather significant dose of the drug will be required. And this, in turn, will lead to consequences dangerous to human life. Therefore, when advertising is assured that you will drop ten kilograms for a short period of time - be sure that this is a simple deception.

Another tool

Most recently, the market for calorie blockersappeared the drug, which includes the substance of chitosan. Chitosan was also credited with blocking calories for some time. Advertising says that taking the drug leads to rapid weight loss and cholesterol level, because the intestine is blocking the absorption of fats. They become inseparable connections and are promoted by transit through the intestines. The drug was given a proud name - a "magnet for fats". Let's take a closer look at this tool.

The basis of the drug is chitosan. It is an analog of plant cellulose, which is obtained from the shell of crustaceans. It can be said that chitosan is a biological filter for the whole organism. Acts as an activated carbon. He really can bind some of the fat, however, to bind them all, one capsule is not enough. But even if you start its regular use, and in large quantities, you will not get results. In obesity play a role not only fat, but also carbohydrates, the avot on them chitosan has no effect.

In addition, in the use of chitosan isand negative sides. With prolonged use, there is a violation of the vitamin-mineral balance. Chitosan simply adsorbs minerals and vitamins, which are involved in the breakdown of fats.

What to do, and there are real "blockers of calories"?

So - all drugs that block calories,Ineffective if you use them singly. It is much more productive to combine their reception with sodites and physical loads. In addition, blocking amylase can cause negative effects in the digestive system and worsening of well-being. This is worth remembering.

Negative moments

From blocking amylase begins bloating. This is because the stomach secrete gases and ferment the remnants of carbohydrates. There may be stomach pain and even diarrhea due to excessive increase in body fluid and bowel tension. Diarrhea, of course, will help you to lose weight, but only with it will your health go.

Among other things, reception of blockers causesheartburn, nausea and discomfort in the stomach. In addition, impaired absorption of virtually all nutrients, resulting in a shortage of vitamins.

If you have problems with the digestive system, doctors prohibit taking such drugs. Pregnant and nursing mothers, as well as adolescents, are at risk.

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