/ How to stop seizing stress?

How to stop seizing stress?

Feeling of emptiness during loss or separationWith your beloved, you can not fill in anything. It is foolish to try to do this while eating. If you feel hungry, although you just ate, then you are eating wrong and you need to get rid of this bad habit. It is also worthwhile to think about how to make sure that your holidays are not associated with a noisy meal.

The natural hunger of the body is enough to quenchjust. For this it is required to be saturated only with useful food in reasonable quantities. And the emotional hunger is directly connected with troubles or joyful events. The reception of food is accompanied by the release of hormones of joy, which reduce the overall level of stressful state, increase the mood.

However, not everything is so rosy. Stressful condition is nowhere to go, it remains in the body, it just comes a short period of relaxation. Unfortunately, many girls so formed a kind of closed circle: the girl gets fat, gets upset, begins to eat a lot, otchechegoet even more. Short-term emission of positive emotions after ingestion of the food becomes a habit, a person tries to repeat the pleasure of eating the food.

In order to escape from the vicious circleGetting emotional pleasure from eating, you need to switch to a different activity that will bring satisfaction. The reaction of substitution is strong enough, if you find other ways of obtaining joyful emotions, then stop eating without reason.

If you are sure that the reason for your superfluousKilogram - this is not stress, but the wrong digestion, then you should find your motivation for losing weight. It is worth learning how to clearly monitor any changes in body mass with the help of food restriction. Think about the danger of an uncommon body weight, try not to be stressed, but to understand that weight loss is a normal process of the body.

The motive of your weight loss can be like the mostPopular "like your reflection in the mirror", and individual. Once you get out the motive for losing weight, stop busting yourself into depression, then you will not overeat.

Believe in yourself, enough for twoTo be fed with the right food, to monitor the size and caloric content of the portions and you will develop a habit. Your old eating habits and stereotypes will cease to guide you.

During weight loss there are also differentCauses for frustration. For example, saggy skin and stretch marks at the beginning of active weight loss significantly spoil the mood. In addition, the lack of the usual sweets or delicious desserts greatly spoil the mood. Of course, to help with this, only sports and fitness classes can. However, due to the differentiation of calories consumed, there is a decline in strength and attendance of gymnastics is postponed. It is better not to do this. When you visit the gym and engage in sports, you will have additional energy, as exercise improves the overall vitality of the body. Change your attitude to physical load, and the body will respond with gratitude. The most important thing in any employment is the regularity of their performance, only this way you can get rid of the extra kilograms.

In order to change the already establishedTaste, it is necessary to give time to food intake separately. Try not to read, watch TV, do not get distracted. Eating should be an independent process, during which one should not pay attention to anything. Instead of stopping eating a lot, thinking about food, we recommend that you think about lunch. Try to rasprobovat every piece of food, listen to your body.

Of course, the main problem is evening zhor.Try to have a good breakfast, do not let the feeling of hunger occur during the whole day and not overeat in the evening. Be sure to keep in the refrigerator a small calorie food, for those cases, if you want to eat. Let it be a glass of yogurt or some fruit.

Be sure to eat something at once, likeThey felt hungry. If you do not, then an hour later you will wake up when you eat a sandwich. You need to satisfy your appetite gradually, in small portions, low-calorie. Do not exceed the daily calorie content if you put a certain plate. Very often it helps to use green tea, of course, without milk and sugar.

After some time, weight lossStabilizes, since it is impossible to lose weight infinitely. If the weight has stopped, do not despair, most likely, this is the ideal body weight for your figure. It is now only to think about how to take this figure, and also to correct it with the help of sport exercises. Weigh yourself once a week in the morning to control your weight. Do not allow depressive states, as well as stressful situations. Do not be nervous over trifles, and also because of excessive weight.

If you are planning to celebrate a holiday,Choose a place where there will not be a usual feast. For example, you can make a bachelorette party, and a joint party with the guys in the paintball. Do not get hung up on the standard sit-ups ever, even a nightclub will do more good, dancing, you lose those extra pounds.

If your friends are used to celebrating a feast,Become the initiator of change. In the summer it can be an Hawaiian party, and in the winter a joint trip to the ski base. Learn low-calorie recipes recipes, in order to prepare a salad with the least amount of calories. Teach your girlfriends to substitute sweets, mayonnaise with olive oil, beer with wine. Together, everything is always easier to do.

The most difficult thing is to take the first step, to force ourselves to change something. But after you see the most insignificant results of your labor, it will become much easier.

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