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How faster to conceive a child?

The first thing that gynecologists recommend,Counseling families who want to conceive a baby, is to relax and not use physical proximity as a method to achieve the desired result. In short, in order to become a mother, it is necessary to make love with the same frequency and in the same poses as you used to. If the arrangement of the uterus and its neck are in order, then it is not necessary to practice any specific poses, especially if they do not deliver the desired pleasure. Forget about why you make love, relax and just do what you are used to.

In addition, try to exclude from your life all stressful situations, because, as you know, a tense situation - this is all that is required for the future mother.

The ability to conceive depends on the age

When planning a pregnancy, remember that the term of an exacerbation correlates with the age of a woman.

So, if you are not yet 30 years old, gynecologistsAdvise not to worry if the conception did not occur within a period of less than 12 months. But if you are more than 30, with the desired pregnancy problems may arise, most of which can be resolved only by a qualified doctor. So, the specialist can apply if after 6-9 months of sexual life the pregnancy has not occurred in a 30-35-year-old woman. In 35-40 years to doctors it is necessary to come through 6months of unsuccessful attempts to conceive a baby, but for forty-year-old future mothers it is desirable to appear to a specialist already after 3 months.

The ability to conceive is affected by andAmbient temperature. So, do not try to get pregnant in a hot bath, sauna or sauna. The same goes for the pool, because the high humidity, like the high temperature, is not the best friends of the future mother.

In the case when the woman was protectedWith the help of oral contraceptives, after their abolition it is necessary to wait for a period of at least one month - this is the average amount required to restore fertility.

If your man does sports,Actively increases muscle mass and at the same time wants to become a father, he must stop taking steroid hormones, which inhibit the production of healthy spermatozoa. We draw your attention to the fact that from taking hormones it is necessary to refuse at least 6 months before the planned conception.

In order that the concentration of sperm of the whole fluid reaches its maximum, it is not necessary to engage in sex every day - it is advisable to wait at least 2-3 days before the next attempt.

If during sex you enjoyVarious intimate toys and lubricants, they will have to be abandoned. Studies have shown that foreign substances to a woman's body are capable of destroying the natural balance that exists in the vagina, because of which the speed of progress of the sperm to the target falls. The same goes for the hygiene of the genitals: lay aside the trendy hygienic gels and use ordinary baby soap, choosing one that has no odor or contains a minimum of perfumes.

Are there the most effective poses for a pose?

Doctors say that pregnancyCan come into contact with sex in almost any position, but at the same time, gynecologists say that there are positions in which to conceive will be faster. True, if a woman has any pathology, then without treatment, alas, neoboitsis.

To all who wish to have a child,Reproductologists advise regularly to have sex. At the same time, "regularly" does not at all mean that there should be many sexual acts, that is, it is necessary to make love several times a day. On the contrary, the optimal frequency is every two to three days. It is for such a period that new viable spermatozoa manage to ripen. The best time of day, in which the spermatozoa are most active, is 4-5 hours a day.

As for women, the maximumEffective sexual intercourse, committed 5 days before ovulation and in the period up to 1 day after leaving the oocyte. In order to precisely navigate in favorable days, it is desirable to have a special calendar, in which the days will be marked.

Which of the poses are considered suitableFor a successful conception? By and large, you can get pregnant faster if you have sex in such positions, in which ejaculation occurs as soon as possible to the uterus. In this case, the spermatozoa will have to do a minimal path to the uterus, in which they will be expected by the ovum. One of these poses is missionary, that is, when the woman is at the bottom. Another favorable option is pozadoggi-style, in which the woman is in the knee-elbow position, and the penetration takes place from behind. A good position can be considered and position on the side.

Note that if a woman is aware of theSome features of your body, you can achieve conception much faster. For example, in some women, the cervix can be located somewhat higher than the mummy, others have a bend in the uterus. With the first option, the chances of conception increase, when sex occurs in a missionary position, in the second, the doggie-style is the best option.

Given some physiological features, gynecologists recommend the following poses:

  • If a woman suffers from chronicInflammation of the ovaries, often the uterus is somewhat deployed in one direction or another. In order to become pregnant, it is best to choose a position in which the woman will be lying on her side, opposite from the inflamed ovary.
  • When the uterus is bent, the optimal option will be the positions under which the woman lies on her stomach.

Panic defect!

Some women trying toGet pregnant, worried that after making love, half of the semen is vaginal. There are no problems in this. True, it is not worth to go to extremes, because the poses in which the partner is on top of a man or standing, reduce the probability of conception.

There is also a version by which a woman,Rising after a sexual act in a birch pose, has an increased chance of becoming pregnant. Gynecologists say that this opinion is nothing more than a fiction, but if you are confident of the effectiveness of this method, you can put a pillow under the ass. Thus, you can help the spermatozoa get to the goal.

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