/ / Plastic surgery of female labia minora: indications, contraindications

Plastic surgery of female labia minora: indications, contraindications

In addition to the unattractive appearance of such aIntimate part, like small lips, they often also cause certain inconveniences. Thus, hypertrophied skin causes additional friction, contributes to the appearance of colpitis, irritation of surrounding tissues. A small surgical confusion allows you to change the size of your lips, and, accordingly, improve the quality of life of a woman. Plastic involves reducing and giving an aesthetic appearance to the intimate part of the body.

Are there any contraindications to the operation?

Although this surgical intervention is considered to be a little traumatic, there are still some contraindications to the operation, such as:

  • Severe physical illness;
  • Violation of the mechanism of blood clotting, because of which the patient suffers from thrombophlebitis;
  • Acute respiratory disease, influenza;
  • Elevated temperature.

On the other features and contraindications should tell the therapist who observes the woman and is well acquainted with all her problems.

Please note that the plastic is desirableSpend in the first phase of the menstrual cycle, namely immediately after the menstrual cycle. Such an approach will increase the rehabilitation period, during which the postoperative sutures need to be healed and the integrity of the tissues will be restored.

How to prepare for the operation?

Preparation for surgical interventionBegins with the delivery of certain tests. So, a woman will have to donate blood for hepatitis, RW and HIV, a general analysis. In addition, you will have to go to a gynecologist to take the smears.

Types of anesthesia in plastics

Operation to change the labia minora can take place both under general and under local anesthesia.

In the first case, anesthesia is administered intravenously, andBreathing a patient independently. That is, modern anesthesia is made, after which the woman quickly wakes up and in a few hours she can be sent home. This is possible in the absence of complications.

The second variant of anesthesia is used for a smallPlastic. In the mucosa, special painkillers are administered, for example, lidocaine or ultracaine, and in exactly the same way after 3-4 hours of post-stabilization the woman leaves home.

Is it possible that complications occur?

Plastic surgery to adjust smallSexual gubot and a small, but still an operation, after which there may be certain complications. However, it is not necessary to be frightened, after all the most terrible, that the woman who entrusted the surgeon with the decision of such delicate problem can wait - this occurrence of a hematoma. So that you understand that the hematoma is a bruise arising from the injury of the vessel that could have occurred during the operation.

True, the emergence of such a situation is extremelyUnlikely, because physicians use modern methods of vascular cauterization, such as radiosurgical or laser coagulation. If the hematoma is still formed, the patient remains for another day in the hospital, and doctors, as a rule, prescribe the reception of haemostatic drugs that increase blood clotting and stop bleeding from the damaged vessel in time. Bigger hematomas can not be cured conservatively: their surgeons are opened and dried.

Sometimes it happens that after a surgical intervention and wound healing the woman is not completely satisfied with the result. In this case, the doctor suggests correcting shortcomings under local anesthesia.

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