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Sedentary lifestyle

Sedentary lifestyle - a threat to health

Then the office lady rushes to the parking lot orStop. If you need to stop, then to reach it, burn more calories. Parking, if not in the yard, also fit, then you need to get to the office. The housewife has her home office if she knits blouses to order or works as a freelancer, which is two meters away. Hence the conclusion - the road to this job does not burn calories from a housewife.

Since morning in office there is movement. If you do not take the turmoil reigning in the morning in any organization - something to learn, find out, take data, look into the accounting department and the waiting room, in the offices, departments, walking with a kettle and mugs, and so on. And at this time the housewife, having spent her household for work and school, sits down at the dinner table and quietly has her breakfast. She does not need data, she is her own boss, and she can collect only her cat or dog for a meeting.

During the whole working day, housewives andOffice ladies, you can say equal. Office ladies are arranged in their chairs and immersed in the world of numbers, letters and other signs. Housewives go to the kitchen, on which you will not spend a lot of calories, because everything there is within reach. And the table and the refrigerator are on hand. And if you sit down at the table while slicing vegetables and meat, then you will not feel the difference. There will be the same sedentary lifestyle.

Have a housewife cleaning. This item can be trumpeted in front of an office lady. Against the background of other household chores cleaning helps burn a lot of calories. It all depends on how you clean up. If your assistant is a big vacuum cleaner, then you do not have to bend. Once every two months you need to get on a stool, in order to wipe glasses in a section. The active part in washing will be hanging clothes. But if there are comfortable perches in the bathroom, you do not have to raise your hands.

And at this time in the office there are technological breaks, when you need to break away from your computer for your health and do office gymnastics. You can easily select a set of exercises for offices.

If desired, the housewife can reduce the cleaning andThen the "working day" will be devoted to the series on the sofa or your favorite detective - again a sedentary lifestyle. A working woman who does not forget to get up at times from a chair and warm up only wins.

Lunch break

Office ladies in the break you can give the palmChampionship. To dine, they need to put on a jacket or a raincoat and go to the dining room or cafe. You have to get to him, go back to the office, here's a walk in the fresh air. If you managed to eat quickly, then 30 minutes and you can take a walk.

And at this time the housewife put it on the plateCooked dinner and sat down to eat. Her body receives calories, while not spending anything. The exception will be intensive cleaning, but as it turns out, it does not all have housewives, and not every day.


In the case of purchases, housewives and office ladies are equal. They also go to the departments of the supermarket and collect boxes, packages, cans in carts, but they do it at different times.

In the evening

Coming from work, the office madam begins to wash, clean, cook dinner, the housewife is ready, and in the evening she has less movements than a working woman.

Who did win?

Now we see that non-working women and officeWorkers lead a sedentary lifestyle. Hence, there are practically the same threats to health. What is the difference between mobility and their way of life? If a woman finds time to go to the pool, jogging, to the gym, then the sedentary lifestyle makes a concession.

Dear women, wherever you work - in the officeOr at home, remember that the shape, muscle tone and health of your spine depend on yourself. Working in the office is not an excuse, and not a punishment. Reluctance has a thousand reasons to refuse to do anything, and the desire has a thousand possibilities at the same time.
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