/ How to Prepare for Pregnancy?

How to prepare for pregnancy?

Getting ready for the job

Birth of a child is perhaps the mostA significant event in the life of the family, but despite this, the woman often finds out about her pregnancy unexpectedly, that is, when it is too late to talk about planning for conception.

If you live on a well-designed schedule andTry to count all the details, it is worthwhile to think about how you will become pregnant and have a long-awaited baby. Note that in the planning of conception there is nothing complicated, but all the little nuances can cause problems and questions.

The starting point of pregnancy is conception, thenThere is a fusion of the egg and sperm. Despite the apparent simplicity of this process, the beginning of pregnancy should be carefully prepared, because the birth of a baby is a responsible step that changes the measured course of everyday life of your family.

What are the negative factors that prevent conception andDo you have a pregnancy? So, if the woman has postponed the birth of offspring, giving herself all the time to study, building a successful career, and her age is approaching 30 years, the first thing is to consult a gynecologist who will assign a referral to the analysis, thanks to which it will be possible to reveal how strong the future mother's health is. At this stage, you can identify all the chronic diseases that can complicate pregnancy.

Marsh training courses

Many women think about preserving andStrengthening the health of the baby only after a certain time after his birth. Sometimes it takes a week or two, and sometimes a few months. Doctors say that preparing for pregnancy is necessary long before conception. Naturally, you can buy a pack of special literature and for its study. But much more information will be obtained if you go to a course designed for future parents. While planning pregnancy, such courses can be visited not only by women, but also by their second halves.

After attending courses for a few months before conception, youWill know how to improve the body, what exercises can be done to strengthen the muscle corset, what vitamins and products it is desirable to use during the preparatory period.

Keep track of your health

A woman who has adopted a decision to give birth to a child mustAt least a year to begin to take care of our health. The first thing that awaits you is the rejection of bad habits, which can not only prevent the conceiving and enduring of a healthy child, but also will have a negative effect on the mother and baby in the future.

Please note that refusing to smoke andthe use of alcohol should both partners. Especially it concerns smoking, because even if a woman does not smoke, but often in a company of smokers, cigarette smoke adversely affects the health of her health.

An important role in the preparation for pregnancy playand physical loads, as well as walking in the fresh air. The ideal option is the combination of these two factors. For example, you can engage in active sports, going to the forest or to the beach. But be careful not to overdo it: an exhausted organism is not ready for conception.

Looking for a doctor

To the choice of a doctor who willvestiburnennost, it is necessary to approach with all responsibility, after all it is the same person on which depends the health of your baby. That is why it is important that a close emotional connection is established between future parents and a doctor. So, do not be shy about telling about your chronic illnesses, bad habits, and diseases transmitted by inheritance. Only knowing your little secrets, doctors can predict the development of the situation in advance and take action.

It is especially important to pay attention todiseases transmitted by inheritance. For example, families in which there are cases of such a dangerous disease as hemophilia, it is necessary to use all methods that allow planning the sex of the child in advance, because hemophilia is transmitted to the Penza line, although only men suffer from it. Therefore, it is such a parenoid to try to conceive a girl.

No less attentive to your health and mothers who are going to give birth after 35 years. In this case, experts recommend the couple in addition to undergo a genetic examination.

Are chronic ailments dangerous?

As you have already understood, prepare forpregnancy is necessary in advance. So, a couple who wants to become a parent should undergo a full-blooded examination in the course of which it will be possible to identify all chronic diseases. It is also necessary to pass tests for all STDs, because many of them will not be treated before conception, but the pregnancy may complicate the situation.

After the doctor has studied everythingthe results of the analysis may need to undergo a course of treatment, after which the body need to give some time for rest and recovery. Especially this is the reception of antibiotics, after which it is necessary to carefully monitor then how the microflora is restored, and whether the dysbacteriosis has appeared.

In the process of planning pregnancyit is desirable to avoid all sorts of stressful situations, which can most negatively affect both the state of health of a pregnant woman and her health.

Get enough sleep and eat well

Preparation for pregnancy includessuch an important point, as a power adjustment. If earlier you often looked at vfast-fuds, consumed a lot of coffee, lunch was interrupted by sandwiches, your own rationing would have to be reviewed. A woman planning a pregnancy should eat as many useful foods as possible. Keep also slaughter: you need to eat at least 4-5 times a day, sharing the entire amount of food on a small portion.

Important value has a comfortable sleep,which should last at least 8 hours a day. Sleep is necessary in a well-ventilated room. Even greater effect can be achieved if before going to sleep, at least a short walk in the fresh air.

Only compliance with all of the above conditions can easily get pregnant and endure the long-awaited baby.

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