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Walnut is the second bread!

The second bread.

Scientists call a walnut a "second bread", thatAnd not surprisingly, as the walnut contains: fats, proteins, carbohydrates, minerals (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, iron, cobalt, zinc, and especially iodine, which is so lacking in the inhabitants of modern megacities), tannins, vitamins : А, В, В1, С, Е, К, РР, F and other biological active substances. Add also to this list a rich set of amino acids that are contained in the core of the nut and you definitely will not have doubts about its usefulness.

Healing properties.

Having convinced of the usefulness of eating nut in food, it is impossible not to mention its medicinal properties.

Here are a few recipes and tips to:
  • To replenish the body with vitamin C, which is especially necessary in the autumn, it is recommended to eat 20 to 25 nuts per day.
  • To give yourself seven years of life, you need to consume three walnuts a day during the year.
  • Do not gain weight for those who suffer from fattening, just once a week, add a handful of chipped nut kernels to the salad.
  • Help the liver, relieve headache and fatigue, strengthen the heart muscle and nervous system. Try at one time to eat 30 g of walnuts, 20 g raisins and the same amount of cheese.
  • Speed ​​up the healing of burns using walnut oil.
Preparation and storage of walnuts.

Recipes with walnuts are many, but always the way will be on the table "Nut Pate", which is prepared for five minutes, even inept cookery.

To do this, you need:
  • 200 g of nuts;
  • 50 g of Russian cheese (or apple, pear);
  • sour cream.
Nuts of the nuts fry in the oven, cool,Peel off the brown film, crust and ceiling. Grate the finely chopped cheese with sour cream and crushed nuts. Feel free to spread on buns or toasts and treat guests. Bon Appetit.

In conclusion, a few tips for good housewives.

So, remember, nuts:
  • It is best to buy in the peel - they are stored longer and there will be less concern about their cleanliness, because you clean them yourself;
  • It should be kept in a dry and cold place. Freshly picked must first be dried well;
  • The hammers quickly deteriorate, so they should be taken immediately after purchase or preparation;
  • With mold can be poisonous, so they must be thrown away at once, leaving no healthy parts;
  • Frozen best fry.
Since there are many walnut trees and shrubs, except for walnuts, I will say a few words about them.

Peanut - it is recommended to eat those who are inConstant voltage, and the amino acids contained in them, facilitate falling asleep. The main thing is not to sort out with their quantity at one time: no more handful, the size of a hand.

Forest nuts - by the number of nutrients - champions among their brothers. Due to the high content of unsaturated fats and vitamin E, these nuts are recommended for people who have had severe illnesses.

Pistachios - a rich source of ellagic acid, which has a beneficial effect on the robot of the heart. And thanks to vitamin B1, it improves mental activity.

Almond - a valuable source of magnesium, which is necessary for bone growth. Recommended for children and the elderly. Acts as an antidepressant.

Let in your life nuts and a positive result will not keep you waiting. Be healthy!
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