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What is the coding of obesity and the principle of its action

Such a method will suit those people who are already overstimulated, since none of the above options is suitable or fails.
Definition of coding for obesity
Coding for obesity affects the wayinfluence of the human on a subconscious level. And this method is carried out by means of various, specially developed psychological techniques, based on natherapy. An important task of such techniques is that it is necessary to change the person's attachment to certain foods, as well as the attitude to certain actions.
Everyone knows that a stressful condition leads toincreased appetite, since many people do not find joy in life, they acquire it in food. Thus, such desires become a habit and a person always pulls and eats something tasty. It's no secret that sweet contains hormones of happiness. Thus, delicious food calms and cheers up. In this case, coding can save a person from this need. With his help, your favorite food becomes disgusting. It is important to find a replacement, through which a person will cope with negative emotions.
Proceeding from the fact that all people are different, it follows thatand the level of introspection in everyone's own. Therefore, coding, directed against obesity, affects everyone in different ways. For better suggestion, one should have such qualities as good receptivity, high emotionality. It is worthwhile to note that people who have an analytical mind are hard at coding.
The process of operation of the encoding against fat
At the time of the encoding per personis superimposed of a coded nature. As a result, the condition, which is formed prone to harmful, but tasty food, is replaced by fear. Thus, the person ceases to eat such foods, therefore, begins to reduce weight.
It is worth paying attention to the fact that you canwill face some difficulties. After all, as is known, to lose weight is necessary gradually. A fast process of losing weight is very harmful. For example, for one week, the loss of two to three kilograms is too much and can affect the skin or hair condition, as well as on various internal organs. It can also lead to a deterioration in the overall appearance of a person. And the second difficulty is that the question arises about what to replace now the products that brought so much joy. How can we cope with stress now? In the event that it would be possible to easily replace such a moment without damage to health, the coding would not have such significance. It would be possible to organize an occupation that would be to your liking and could help to relax. And the case when such a source of employment is not found, it is already much more complex. A normal state requires the presence of a sense of joy.
Thus, the feeling of fear must pass,the former state of mind must return. Since excess weight is always based on certain reasons. And more often it is the psychological side. As the distributed reasons and it is necessary to eradicate, instead of the relation to power supplies. It is important to look at the world from the other side, rethink certain values. In fact, it is very difficult for a person to cope with a given problem without external assistance. And here an experienced specialist can provide the necessary assistance. In the event that he will help in the search for a cause and will be able to exclude it, coding will no longer be needed.
If still a person would like to try on myselfthis method, it is necessary to approach this issue, realizing all its importance. Do not pay attention and waste your time to the people who promise "golden mountains", motivating it that they will cope with the weight in a matter of days. Here, most likely, the fraudsters are involved, because such a question can not be solved in a short time. And coding, which runs too fast, also adversely affects the body and mentality, making it unstable and aggressive. Such a state can not only help in the fight against obesity, but also attract a lot of other problems. A specialist working in this field will spend a very long time explaining and eliminating the very causes that play the most important role here.
Nevertheless, it should be remembered that encoding,directed against obesity, has good efficacy, but not 100%. If you look at the statistics, you can see that only 50% were able to achieve the expected results. And only 30% succeeded in following the diet, which does not affect weight gain. Therefore, when approaching the issue of coding, you do not need to build illusions and hope for it, as a magic with which to solve all your problems. After all, whatever one may say, nothing can be achieved without effort. Extracurricular hands coding will only bring harm to your body's psychological state. Therefore, if you really decided on this step, you need to study all the information on this technique and its main directions. It is important not to expect a quick result, because everything takes time. Only a persistent cooperation with a professional specializing in this field will lead to a productive result.
The ways to influence coding, aimed at combating obesity
The encoding itself includes severalmain periods. First and foremost, the specialist is required to overtake the tension, motivating it with the consequences of overeating. A person needs to create an appropriate mood, as a result of which he will change his attitude to food. Then follows the period at which the coding process itself comes into effect, during which methods based on negative influences are used. For this, people are immersed in trance, instilling in him aversion to the appropriate food. For better assimilation of information, pictures are pictured, the main theme of which is obesity itself.
It is also worth noting that before the beginning of such ayou need to have an empty stomach. After all, this state contributes to better perception. At the end of the coding course, an experienced practitioner should explain to the patient what dietary intake is important to adhere to. And also explain how to continue training alone.

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