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Methods for cleansing the intestines from slags without enemas

Cleansing composition

A very effective tool that involvesCleansing the bowels of slags without enemas is the preparation of a cleansing composition that contains leaves of hay, figs, dried apricots, raisins. Fruits (250 grams each) and senes leaves need to be poured with steep boiling water (300 grams), and then poured (2 to 3 hours). At the end of the infusion time, the well-swollen fruits, together with the hay leaves, must be twisted with a meat grinder. The resulting mushy mass should be stored in the refrigerator. The course of treatment lasts one week. And during the treatment course every day (but no later than five hours in the evening) you need to eat one tablespoon of this mixture. The cleansing mixture will start to work after 10-12 hours, so be careful, at this time you need to be at home.

Fresh juices

Cleansing the bowels without enemas can beFreshly squeezed juices (or as they are also called fresh). Freshly squeezed juices can be apple, peach or citrus. For one day it is necessary to drink at least two liters of freshly squeezed juice. Such a need to drink in several receptions. In addition to the juice can also be consumed in mineral water non-carbonated water. In order to maintain the intestine normally, it is enough to carry out purification with freshly squeezed juices once a month.

Three-day cleaning with apple juice isIdeal for cleansing the body of various toxoxins without the help of enemas. This cleaning should begin with the adoption of a single glass of freshly squeezed juice at eight o'clock in the morning, after 2 hours you must necessarily drink two more glasses of freshly squeezed juice, and then you need to drink only half a glass every two hours. But do not forget that the last glass of freshly squeezed juice should be drunk at eight o'clock in the evening. It is also important to remember that you can not completely not eat any food for these three days in the process of cleansing the intestines. On the third day in the morning hours, you need to drink two glasses of freshly squeezed juice, aspustya another thirty minutes, another 100 grams of simply peeled or provenced sunflower oil, and then drink it with a glass of freshly squeezed apple juice, previously diluted with water. After two or three hours pass with urine, small stones and sand are released, urate and phosphate (greenish liquid) can also escape. It is good to take a warm bath at this time. Then you will feel in all the organism the unlikely ease, clean the enema without enemas of slags and blockages. After a few weeks you can repeat cleansing the bowels. But after such cleaning, do not abuse the spicy, fried, salty foods, you must give up at least some time from consumption of coffee and alcohol.

Cleansing with bran

Effective cleaning without enema enema can beTo conduct with the help of bran. These obrubnuzhno take in food for one month. For one day, you need to eat only 6 tablespoons of bran (three times two spoons before meals). Drink off the carbonated water. This way will help not only to cleanse your intestines, but also to reduce weight.

Cleansing with fresh vegetables

Also a great tool for cleaningIntestines are fresh vegetables. For one day, you need to eat 2 kilograms of vegetables. Vegetables can be consumed fresh separately, but the best effect can be achieved by making a salad of five kinds of vegetables. You must fill the salad with either sunflower oil or lemon juice (but salt can not be added). From drinking to the enemy there is mineral water without gas and green tea without sugar.

Cleansing without klizmatolstogo intestine is bestDo in the autumn time. Such cleaning of the intestine can be done with the help of vegetable juices: spinach and carrots; Carrots, cucumbers; One carrot. In addition to juices, it is also important to include foods rich in dietary fiber in the diet.

Beets, grapes, figs, white cabbage,Various dried fruits, sprouted wheat can help improve the motility of the large intestine. If you have increased formation of gas and bloating, it is useful to drink freshly squeezed cabbage. To this juice, you should gradually add carrot juice. And in the end gradually move completely to carrot juice.

Decoction from the hay

Bolezesilnym means that can helpTo make cleaning without enemas of the thick intestine is a decoction, which is made from the hay. Do not forget that for children and for people who suffer from peptic ulcer disease, it is highly undesirable to clean the intestine by such a method. To prepare a decoction, you need to pour spoonfuls of boiling water, boil for 5-7 minutes and insist for 20 minutes. This otvarinimat after dinner in 2-2.5 hours. On the first day, it is necessary to take no more than 1/3 of the glass in order to observe how the system responds. In the case of severe pain in the abdomen and multiple defecation, it is necessary to reduce the dosage. The course of such cleaning is seven days, but it is extremely important on the 7th day to take 1 cup of broth.

Also, while cleansing the intestines, remember that to weakening andAtrophy of the muscles of the intestine, to a lesser and greater degree of immobility led unnecessary slags in the intestines, which are inhibited by digestive microorganisms. In order to flora of the intestine was normal, adeffection was natural, you need to consume porridge and bran, eat more fruits and vegetables, do not consume spicy and fatty foods, do not apply laxatives without special reasons.

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