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The most harmful habits


Bad habits surround us everywhere. Do not stay for a long time at the TV and watch all the displayed movies and programs. Such pastime is the direct way to earning cardiovascular diseases, and no exercise-walks will not help you with these consequences. Dr. Harmony R. Reynolds, who is the director of Langon's cardiovascular research center in the city of New York, says: "In life, the most harmful activities are those that are associated with pastime, allowing you to do nothing. Physical exercises can not resist the onset of the consequences of the most harmful hobbies. " The similar situation is due to the fact that lack of movement has a direct effect on blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

Harmful habits provoke the state of gloom andDepression, and this is a direct threat to your heart. Not to ignore the consequences of snoring, it is usually the very first symptom to which attention should be paid. Such a disease causes periodic respiration, subsequently becoming the primary cause of increased blood pressure.

Harmful effect on the body

Too, kinda, bad habit, expressedIn the aggravation of alcohol consumption in large quantities, begins with a small, from the first drunk glass, which subsequently acquires the status of the ritual, then into an ordinary habit, without satisfying which one can no longer live. And as the top of everything, this harmful habit can not be controlled by virtue of psychological dependence, turning into a self-contained disease.

To bad habits can be attributed and smoking,But this is rather closer to the analogous plane of drug addiction. Only the sourculist can overcome his dependence on the use of tobacco products. The help of doctors in getting rid of bad habits will never be completed if the person does not want it. But this requires a great force of will.

"Eternal youth"

Desire is in the status of eternally youngOf a healthy one with the onset of age grows into a bad habit, expressed in a constant increase in the loads. In addition to both harm and the acquisition of cardiovascular diseases, such an addiction will no longer lead to anything.

Harmful eating habits

The habit of having an evening mealIn the first place, men suffer. In part, this is due to the nature of life or work, but the result is one, the acquisition of obesity stages, which only pass to the elevated stages.

Do not buy one of the bad habitsTo feed on raw or bloody meat. It should be remembered that there is a lot of fat in it. This may mean that in the near future you will provoke the appearance of cardiovascular and oncologic diseases of the intestine.

Getting used to dosing all of their food over the years goes to the stage of already bad habit, with the acquisition of consequences in the form of a possible stroke or kidney disease.

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