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How to learn to eat less?

1. Eat for the day 5 times!

When a person is hungry, he is ready to eat more than necessary. To avoid overeating, you need to eat time 5 times - in small portions.

2. It is necessary to calculate how many calories the body needs. If it became clear that more calories are consumed than burned, you still need to learn to eat less, then there is an occasion to continue reading this article.

3. To drink water.

When you want to eat, aerobatics -Stop and ask yourself the question: "I really want to eat, not drink?". With a feeling of hunger, just a glass of water is drunk. You should always carry water with you and drink it from time to time. But not fizzy !!

4. Do not skip breakfast or dinner.

Again: It is necessary to eat a day five times, five times, but not less. Breakfast not to miss in any case, and dinner even more so. Do not starve! A hungry person eats twice as much as needed. Plus, hunger violates the metabolism.

5. Eat from small plates.

A little bit of food on the big plate looks somehow lonely. The same amount of food on a smaller plate looks bigger. You just have to try it.

6. Healthy and light snack.

During the day, you should carry with you whenever possibleHealthy snack for snacks. No chips, no sweets, no bars to anything. Food, taken with you for a snack, often saves. It does not matter if it's a piece of boiled breast with salad and greens or fresh fruit.

7. Eat 15 minutes before the usual meal time.

If before breakfast started at 8 o'clock, now let it start at 7:45, this difference of 15 minutes will help to eat less.

8. Know your portion.

To check the correctness of your diet, you needTo conduct the following experiment. Take oatmeal or corn flakes, pour into a plate, now read on the packaging, what should be a serving. It is safe to say that it will be poured twice as much as the instructions on the package require. Therefore, you need to monitor the size of their portions.

9. Do not cook more than necessary.

If there is a goal to lose weight, it is necessary to follow and forHow much food is prepared. No need to cook more than necessary. A little trick: if you still cook a lot, for example, a whole pot of delicious mashed potatoes, you need to put in your plate a serving, and the rest put in the refrigerator on the lid. Cold mashed potatoes will not so much want to eat as hot.

10. Cooking at home.

If you want to learn to eat less, you needCook and eat at home. When the food is prepared at home, it is clear from which to prepare the dish, and there is confidence that the food will be low-calorie. In this case, even an easy-looking salad in a cafe can be dressed with a fat creamy sauce.

Like such simple and basic advice, butFor some reason it is so difficult to fulfill them! ... In conclusion, one more trick: create a diary for yourself. It can be like an ordinary school notebook, or as a LJ-blog. In it, you will celebrate your small victories every day. And reward yourself for it with something. But not tasty! And, for example, a hike in a beauty salon or just a walk or something else pleasant. Happiness is not only in food, believe me!
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