/ If you need to relax, how can you relax?

If you need to relax, then how can you relax?

I propose several ways:

  1. In the evening, when almost all business is done, childrenLaid down, with your husband there is a contract on non-interference in your actions, go to the mirror, wrinkle your forehead, raise your eyebrows, visualize, then relax, trying to keep the space above the eyebrows perfectly smooth for a few minutes.
  2. Then again, she said: frown, moving her eyebrows to the bridge of her nose, relax;
  3. We pass below: eyes. Draw fear, maximally widening your eyelids, relax your eyes.
  4. Close your eyes, relax;
  5. Suspiciously brush your eyelids and relax;
  6. Nose: straining eyes, as if sensing an unusual aroma, stand in this position, then relax;
  7. Lips: roll into a tube, as if something is whistling, relax;
  8. Lift the upper lip to the nose, portraying disgust, relax;
  9. Lower the lower lip to the chin, marveling. Relax.
  10. Smile, unbreakable teeth - relax.

After doing the exercises, tap the tips of the fingers on the face, then smooth over the lines from the bridge of nose to the temples, from the corner to the ears, from the corners of the lips along the cheekbones to the tips of the ears.

If all this is done to you simply once or elementarily - laziness, take a piece of ice from the freezer and wipe their face.

Cold perfectly tones the muscles of the face and relieves the spleen.

To remove the daily accumulating stress, neobymmassassazh hand and fingers.

For self-massage, you can use a small ball with crochets or a walnut.

The palm with a ball or nut needs to be squeezed infor a few seconds and unclamp, then roll the object between the palms clockwise and counterclockwise. Then you can go to your fingers, massaging each from the beginning of the palm to the tip of your finger.

The action of aromatherapy is indisputable. If you do not have any allergies to active ingredients, drops of fragrant oils can be added in a warm bath for feet or rubbed with hand cream.

All these tips may seem to youineffective in acquiring a good mood, especially if around you people are not able to maintain their negative emotions. But not without reason ancient philosophers said: "They offend those who are respected." And if you are terribly annoyed or offended by a specific person, imagine it in the most ridiculous situation and smile.

Smile, even if you do not want it.

You finally relaxed and calmed down. Time to make a plan for the New Year!
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