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Folk treatment of bowel disorders

Some tips on how to set up the job of a colic:

  1. First of all, you need to thoroughly chew your food, in order to ensure a further quality of digestion;
  2. Try to refuse from eating food containing a huge amount of stabilizers, emulsifiers, thickeners and the like;
  3. In no case do not use such harmful products as: chips, Coca-Cola, phantom, sprite, candy sticks, where there is a lot of sugar ininatural dyes;
  4. Increase the content of pectins in your daily diet. They are found in many fruits and vegetables and perfectly increase intestinal motility;
  5. Coarse grind, greens perfectly clean the intestines, but can cause bloating, for this it is necessary to thoroughly chew food;
  6. Possibility to reduce the consumption of flour and bakery products, as they increase the process of fermentation and as a result create a dysbacteriosis in the intestine;
  7. Try to start every morning with the use of Herculean porridge, which favorably affects the gastrointestinal tract, enveloping it, and normalizes the daily work of the intestine.

Diseases associated with the work of the intestine is veryA lot, it's as common as colitis, when there is an inflammatory process in the colon; All known dysbacteriosis - when there are changes in the microflora of the intestine, which leads to diarrhea; Enteritis - a disease of inflammatory character, leading to changes in the mucosa of the small intestine. Next comes a familiar meteorism that is familiar to everyone - when there is a huge accumulation of gas that creates discomfort and causes pain in the body, the syndrome of irritated bowel is a whole complex of disorders in the intestines, which are caused by all sorts of stressful situations and experiences.

Traditional treatment of intestines.

Achievements of modern pharmaceuticals helpcure any disease of the intestines by means of all kinds of tablets, suspensions, drops. But the treatment of the intestine requires a necessary medical intervention. First of all, this is a thorough diagnostic study and the formulation of an accurate diagnosis, and then the choice of a suitable treatment. Someone will choose a conservative complex treatment from the latest innovations in the pharmaceutical industry. Well, some people's treatment seems to be the most optimal solution to this problem. Here are a few recipes for treating bowel diseases.

Prescription number 1 - prescription for the treatment of "flaccid intestines".

Need a few leaves aloe verapeeled and crushed dumplings, to which 300 grams of melted honey should be added. All carefully to move and leave to be insisted within day, after again to warm up. Use a tablespoon every morning for one hour before eating.

Recipe number 2 - a useful tea.

To create a leaf tea you will need,green leaf tea (whole tea leaves). To stop them in a coffee grinder or blender, pour boiling water and let it brew. Use this drink half a teaspoon before meals four times a day. The results will be visible after one or two days.

Recipe No. 3- miracle hot roast.

You need a quarter of the cleaned pumpkin you needCut into small pieces and put it on a frying pan. Peeled and cut into small cubes of onions add pumpkin and put the stew with the addition of boiled water and vegetable oil. When the pumpkin becomes soft to it, you need to add a pre-cooked cup of coffee. And again leave the stew, you can add salt or sugar to taste. Bring to the readiness and use in pishchu.Blyudo very favorably affects the work of the intestines and contains a lot of useful microelements and vitamins.

Prescription number 4 - tincture in the presence of strong intestinal pain.

Take a small watermelon, thoroughly wash it andremove the upper green cortex with a knife. Dry it in the oven on low heat. Then, the dried crust to grind the pre-powder state. Take 3 tablespoons of the obtained powder and pour it on the floor with liters of boiling water, give a little infusion. Eat one teaspoon before each meal.

Recipe number 5 - decoction for dyskinesia of the intestine.

To create a recipe you need to take: leaves of peppermint, tops and flowers of the colic, motherwort, oak bark, St. John's wort, all washed and chopped. Next, take two tablespoons of the mixture and pour a half liter of water and boil in a saucepan over low heat for about two hours. Ready decoction to strain and miscarriate diarrhea take half a glass at least four times a day, but not more than three days. When you feel a partial improvement, cut the intake by a quarter cup and three times a day. Do not forget that the mint contained among these herbs, strengthens the pancreas, so if you have problems with the pancreas, this recipe does not need to be used.

Remember, before using the presented recipes, be sure to take a medical examination!

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