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Basal temperature during pregnancy

Basal temperature

This temperature, measured by a woman in the stateRest in the rectum. Its indicators indicate the absence or presence of ovulation. Basal temperature in the normal menstrual cycle is 37 degrees, until ovulation begins before the middle of the cycle. This period was called the 1st phase. When the temperature increases at least 0.4 degrees, it means that ovulation has taken place. In the 2 nd phase, the elevated temperature persists. And 2 days before the start of the monthly cycle, it again goes down. If there is no lowering of basal temperature and no monthly, then, pregnancy has come.

Why does a woman need this?

This is necessary in order to determine whichThe period for pregnancy will be favorable. Tracking the temperature increases the chances for women to find out when the egg is ripe. Favorable for conception will be the days at the time and on the eve of ovulation.

According to the graph of basal temperatures,Work and state of the endocrine system and determine the date of the next menstruation. On indicators of basal temperature, a woman can determine the onset of pregnancy. Of course, you need to monitor its indicators daily and keep a diary for several months.

How to measure basal temperature?

Body temperature is affected by stress, physicalActivity, overheating, meals and other factors. But the true temperature can be measured in the morning after awakening, when the whole body is still at rest and is not exposed to external factors. Hence it is called basal, ie. Basic, basic.

When measuring temperature, observe the following rules:

  • Temperature measurement is not performed during the intake of alcohol, oral contraceptives, sedatives, hormonal drugs.
  • Basal temperature is measured only in the rectum.
  • Measure the temperature better after five or six hours of sleep, on the 1st day of the cycle.
  • After waking up every morning when measuringBasal temperature, do not make sudden movements, do not get out of bed. Any action will distort the result. Even in the evening you need to cook a thermometer, knock down the last indicators and put it near the bed.
  • Measure the temperature at the same time.
  • If you get up early, for example, to the toilet, then you need to measure the temperature before lifting.
  • Exact indicators will be if you slept for at least 3 hours in a row.
  • Measure the temperature by a mercury thermometer for 10 minutes or an electronic thermometer for 60 seconds, each time the temperature should be the same.
  • It is safer to use an electronic thermometer.
  • Taking out a mercury thermometer, you need to take it by the upper part, and not by mercury, to avoid mistakes as a result.
  • All indicators are recorded in a diary, a temperature chart is drawn up, there will be indicated the reasons that will affect the temperature changes - overwork, stress, cold and others.

Determination of pregnancy by temperature

If you regularly measure the temperature, you can notice the pregnancy that has occurred. There is a possibility that conception took place when:

  • High temperatures remain three days longer than after ovulation (the phase of the yellow body), when high temperatures persist.
  • When the phase of the yellow body lasts more than 18 days, you will see 18 high temperatures in a row.

If the pregnancy is normal, the temperature will be raised to 37.1-37.3 degrees for about four months, then decreases. After 20 weeks, there is no point in measuring the temperature.

If pregnancy has occurred, it makes sense to measureTemperature up to 4 months, because if during the pregnancy the temperature drops, then there is a threat of stopping the development of the fetus or the threat of a miscarriage, you should immediately consult a doctor. When the temperature rises to 37.8, then there is an inflammatory process.

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