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Causes of pain in menstruation

What are the causes of painful menstruation?

Pain with menstruation is an algomenomena thatThere are 2 types: primary, secondary. Primary algomenorea is called functional. It has no relation to anatomical disorders of the internal genital organs. Algomenorrhoea secondary is a symptom of some gynecological diseases (chlamydia, endometriosis, defects in the development of the organs of the genitourinary system, chronic inflammation of the appendages).

What are the causes of primary dysmenorrhea?

In most cases, primary dysmenorrheaOccurs during the period of puberty, when the hormonal background is unstable. The main cause of this ailment is an increase in the level of hormones. Painful menstruation of this kind can be conditionally divided into two groups: parasympathetic and adrenergic.

The parasympathetic group is associated with an increaseCerebrospinal fluid level serotonin hormone. In this case, there may arise: diarrhea, edema of the face, lowering of body temperature. Sometimes there is an increase in weight shortly before the onset of menstruation.

Adrenergic group is associated with an increaseThe level of adrenaline, dopamine and norepinephrine. This condition is characterized by headache, high temperature, constipation. The skin becomes pale, and on the palms, often bluish, which occurs because of slow passage through small blood vessels.

Also, the causes of primary dysmenorrhea can be: disorders of the sexual function of the body, anomalies in the development of connective tissue, vascular disorders.

Such pain during menstruation is diagnosed and treated by a gynecologist and endocrinologist. Mandatory for pain during menstruation, accompanied by the above symptoms, you need to contact the gynecologist.

What are the causes of the secondary dysmenorrhea?

In most cases, secondary dysmenorrheaMeets women after 30 years. Due to the fact that the causes of the pathological nature, menopause pains can be quite intense with attendant ailments, up to disability.

Most often, the cause of secondaryDysmenorrhea is an external and internal endometriosis. Pain during menstruation is aching and may last 2-3 days. By itself, endometriosis is a common disease. If it is not treated, then various chronic diseases, flesh to infertility can develop.

Diagnosed secondary dysmenorrhea without specialDifficulties. The cause of painful menstruation is detected by ultrasound and analysis. It is impossible to delay a visit to a gynecologist. The specialist will prescribe a therapeutic or surgical treatment.

A specialist should be contacted ifThere are severe discomfort during menstruation. There are 3 degrees of pain in menstruation. This pain is mild, accompanied by minor common ailments. The working capacity with this woman is not violated. But you need to know that such a form of dysmenorrhea, if you do not go back to the gynecologist, can develop into a heavier form, which is related to the duration of the disease states and the increase of the ailments.

The second degree is characterized by severe pain inLower abdomen, general weakness, nausea, headaches, chills. In this case the woman often experiences a feeling of anxiety, irritability. Depression may develop. Some women experience increased appetite, intolerance to certain odors, insomnia. Often, you can not do without drugs.

The third degree of painful menstruationIs manifested by severe pain not only in the abdomen, but also in the lower back, fever, severe headaches, and pronounced weakness. Also arise: diarrhea, tachycardia, fainting. In such cases, a woman can not do anything, and even pain-relieving drugs do not help. In such cases, a woman simply does not hesitate to consult a specialist, since in most cases these symptoms are manifested because of an abnormality of the internal genital organs.

Any pain during menstruation is associated with some disturbances in the body, so if you contact a specialist, you will save yourself from possible serious diseases.

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