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The shape of the abdomen during pregnancy

What is determined by the shape of the abdomen

Many believe that the shape of the stomach can beDetermine the future of the baby, but this opinion is erroneous. The shape of the abdomen indicates the position of the baby in the uterus. In form, experienced doctors determine the term of labor and their passage (lungs, complicated, caesarean section, etc.).

What determines the form of life

The form of the abdomen depends, first of all, on the individual distinctive features of the woman. This: the number of births; Position and size of the fetus in the uterus; Physique, growth, anatomy of the pelvis.

Particular influence on the shape of the stateMuscle tonus and abdominal wall. If pregnancy is the first, then the stomach, with a good tone, looks "tighter". At the high and large women up to the big pregnancy terms, the abdomen is not very noticeable. In miniature, on the contrary, the stomach seems large, especially if the fruit is large or a narrow pelvis. In pregnant women, the abdomen can be of an extended form. This is because the child has his final position in the womb of the past months of pregnancy. The shape of the abdomen will be greater if the mother expects two or more toddlers.

With a well-current pregnancy, the shape of yourBelly is good. But if you notice that the stomach is lowered too low, then problems may arise, you should consult a doctor. This can cause, according to the doctors, premature birth. In such cases, doctors advise wearing a special bandage and less strain.

What can be the shape of the abdomen

The appearance of the stomach determines the conditionFlow of pregnancy. The shape of the abdomen is of considerable importance, this is especially true for the third trimester of pregnancy. If the pregnancy is normal, the fetus is properly located, then the abdomen acquires a ovoid or ovoid shape. If pregnancy is watered, the stomach looks round, in other words, has a spherical shape. If the fetus is located across the uterus, the abdomen becomes a form in the form of a transverse oval. In the third trimester of pregnancy, the abdomen has a special shape in women who have a narrow pelvis. If a woman is pregnant for the first time, then the abdomen becomes pointedly shaped, with repeated pregnancy the form becomes a little spindle and pointed upward. The belly of the future mother will be visible only to the 4th-5th month.

If the shape of the abdomen does not correspond to the norm

At each examination, the gynecologist should followReform of the belly of the future mother. If there is a discrepancy between its specific pregnancy periods, various pathologies can be observed. If more than the estimated time of the form of your abdomen, pregnancy may be at risk.

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