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Irritability during pregnancy: causes and ways of fighting

As it usually happens

Pregnant women can often developflash of irritability, tears or anger. And usually in the first place is always hard "gets" the closest person - her husband. Naturally, the husband, loving his wife and sincerely worrying for her, tries to endure all these antics and each raznaetsya that tomorrow everything will pass and the beloved will again become still fun and carefree. However, usually the next day nothing changes, and so I turn around.

It often happens that at workthe pregnant woman behaves quite calmly and even seems more balanced than before. At home, any small thing can make her mad. It happens that the future mamanachinaet accuse her husband of the fact that her figure is changing or that she has a bad state of health. According to psychologists, during pregnancy, the woman at a subconscious level wants to show others how great responsibility is laid on her shoulders and how hard it is for her to experience this period now. Her future mother just wants to be understood and supported in everything now.

Causes of irritability and ways to deal with them

Why, during pregnancy, a woman can become irritable? Let's consider the main psychological and physiological reasons for this state.

  1. Endless comments from relatives and friends about your pregnancy

In the first months it is better not to talk at all about everythingthat you will have a baby. No, it's not about the eyes of others and other people's signs. Everything is much simpler. Everyone to whom you tell about your pregnancy will not be allowed to express your opinion and give a lot of advice. In addition, there may be people who do not approve of your desire to become a mother and begin to ask questions and questions and bring in a lot of arguments such as "It's not time yet", "Now is it now?", "Are you ready?", "And not hurried up? ", etc. Assume that all these comments will quickly bother you and start irritating you.

Maybe the other extreme. Careful relatives and friends who want to prepare you as best as possible for a new stage in your life, immediately begin to fill you with all sorts of advice, half of which may not be useful at all. It often happens that your pregnancy is the main topic for conversation during your joint meetings. It's good, if you just give useful advice and recommendations. But as a rule, it is necessary and without any "horror stories". Trying to inform you all about the topic of pregnancy, loving relatives can begin to talk about any pathologies or complications, cite terrible examples, etc. And you negativseychas absolutely now to anything. Why do you need extra fears? Here then excitement and irritability are then manifested.

Therefore, the first tip: tell about your pregnancy only to the most intimate people, and all the distant "girlfriends" and usual friends let us wait.

  1. Changing the hormonal background

This is the second cause of irritability whenpregnancy. Kakisvestno, any hormonal adjustment can always lead to the fact that the mood begins to change, there may be unjustified attacks of tears or on the contrary, laughter. During pregnancy, the hormonal background of a woman strongly changes, hence all the consequences follow in the form of hysterics, irritability and endless whims.

Especially often this is manifested during the firsttrimesterabremennosti, as well as about a few weeks before the birth itself. Unfortunately, there's nothing to be done about it, so the only way to cope with such an irritation is simply to endure it, trying to keep yourself in your hands as much as possible.

  1. The physical condition of a pregnant woman

One can not lose sight of the fact thatthe physical condition of the future mother is often not so pleasant, especially in late pregnancy. Appears excess weight, there may be problems with the intestines, swelling of the legs, begins to ache a little back, and sometimes in addition to all this and develops hemorrhoids. Yes, and no one has canceled the toxicosis yet.

With all this, a woman must be able to take care oftheir own home, prepare to eat and do some other homework. Not surprisingly, all this can slowly start to annoy. Here advice can only be one: ask your relatives to help you in your affairs andas much time as possible to give yourself a favorite - rest, watch funny movies, chat with a friend. Still, you can afford to rest now, when a long-awaited baby will be born, you will have worries, enough.

How to stop being nervous and irritated with pregnancy

Here we will not give advice onacceptance of any calming or abirritating preparations as this you should solve only svoevim the doctor. But we will talk about other ways to cope with the embarrassment.

  1. More walk on sunny days

Sunlight stimulates the production in the bodyhormone serotonin, which is responsible for our good mood. In people, serotonin is called - the "hormone of happiness." Therefore, do not sit at home in four walls, and every day choose at least a short walk. You will see how your system begins to improve and the little things will not be so annoying.

  1. Find a hobby

Perhaps you dreamed of learning somedayFrench or any other language? And maybe, you always wanted to study the history of the far-abroad countries or read a full collection of Yesenin's poems? It's time to fulfill your dream!

Now there are so many various hobbies: papier-mâché, beadwork, knitting, origami, floriculture, etc. Choose something for yourself and do it. So you will have a lesson to which you will spend part of your energy. And then, when you feel that the storm is "ripening," you'll be forced to fly out and make a scandal, just take up your hobby and get abstracted.

  1. Think about your baby

The future mother is best able to soothe the thoughts anddreams of a crumbling crumb. Think about what he or she will have eyes, a nose, a pen. And also think that now the baby is inside you and feels all the changes in your mood. Believe me, as soon as you remember that your crumb in the inside of you now can hear and feel all this, you immediately get lost and get annoyed.

Irritability during pregnancy is a phenomenonrather unpleasant, but still temporary, so do not get hung up on it too much. Just try to live and enjoy life, waiting for the appearance of a light little miracle.

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