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How is it losing weight to protect yourself from the "yo-yo effect"?

1. Give yourself a little time

Delight and joy, which is experienced by manAfter reaching the goal, it is difficult to describe. Do not hurry to celebrate the successful disposal of extra pounds and again eat supermen. The transition from a diet to a normal diet should over time correspond to the length of the diet. This means that the caloric content of foods should be increased gradually.

2. Drink clean water

No matter how trivial it may sound, water isThe best of cheap and healthy beverages given to us by nature. Almost every diet has a recommendation to drink plenty of water. Continue to keep this same drinking regime and after you exit the diet and weight loss. Among the mineral waters, choose those that are enriched in magnesium. They are an additional source of energy and help control their emotions. To add flavor to water, you can add a little lemon or orange juice. Do not buy aromatized water, in which sugar is in excess.

3. Continue eating the so-called fibrous food (cellulose)

As a rule, it is less caloric, but at the same timeContains many vitamins and minerals. Products containing dietary fiber, serve as a kind of "peeling" of the intestine. Absorbing water, food fibers swell in the stomach and create a sense of satiety. They improve digestion and promote timely cleansing of the intestines.

4. Exterigularly

This rule should be adhered to every day. The best option is to develop for yourself such a daily rhythm, in which food will be taken in small amounts 5 times a day every 3 hours. At the same time, it is categorically not recommended to change the hours of food intake.

5. Remember about physical activity

You can not play sports from time to time. Physical activity should be in the future one of the most important items of the daily routine. But even if this is not possible, you can not abandon the exercises entirely. As a motivation, remember how training during active weight loss positively influenced your state of health and mood.

6. Use Body Care

Do not neglect the means that contribute toDisappearance of cellulite and maintain the elasticity of the skin. They should be actively used further. Also, the condition of the skin will be positively affected by the massage, the curative effect of which will be enhanced by special loofahs and gloves.

7. Pamper yourself from time to time with sweets

But give preference to high-end productsQuality, made from a flour of a rough grinding with addition of whole grains, nuts. It is better to use honey instead of sugar as the main sweet ingredient of these products.

8. Do not stop weighing and measuring your parameters

This will take full control of the situation and react quickly if your weight again begins to strive for the old indicators.

9. Keep yourself in hand

Weight loss after weight loss (when weightstopped on the desired mark) - the most difficult period. Now, iron discipline and impeccable adherence to the previously established rules for healthy nutrition and exercise are important. And although there are too many temptations, one should keep from failures.

10. Make a healthy way of living your norm

Do not always think that you are in somethingyourself. Make an installation for the fact that this is the style of life is right, because thanks to him you have excellent health, beautiful skin and perfect weight. Aved exactly what you wanted.

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