/ How to eat with multiple pregnancies?

How to eat with multiple pregnancies?

Qualified physicians long ago calculateddaily calorie norm, necessary for future mothers. If a woman carries one fruit, her daily menu includes meals not exceeding 3000 kcal. When carrying two fruits, this figure should not exceed 3500 kcal, the mother of future triplets should limit to 4,500 kcal. It must be remembered that the nutrition of a woman in such a period should be, mainly, saturated, nutritious, including vitamins and minerals. However, such properties are very few in spice dishes and cooked by frying.

Anemia and toxicosis are frequent satellitesmultiple pregnancies. Typically, such symptoms are observed at the beginning of the first trimester and towards the end of the second. As a rule, pregnant women are recommended drugs containing iron and, respectively, food intake, which also includes Fe. It is very much in products such as beef, liver, spinach, melon, soy beans, dried fruits and vegetables, baked potatoes.

In order to maintain a normal blood flowthe system is the vessels that work in the delirium, you need to consume as much as possible vitamin C. The full daily norm is filled with eating at least two foods with abundant vitamin C content. Here is a list of these products: 100gr juices of vegetables (ready juice can be stored for no more than half an hour), two tomatoes, grapefruit and juice from it, mango, 1 pc. sweet Bulgarian pepper, oranges, 100 grams of cauliflower in boiled form.

Of course, a woman who has multiplepregnancy, must eat for a day an order of magnitude more than those who bear one fruit. But in the uterus, containing two, and sometimes triploid, space should be greater. And therefore, when eating large portions of the stomach, respectively, stretches, which is not desirable. It will be more efficient to consume food in small quantities, but full-fledged in all respects by its composition.

To provide both themselves and the child with calcium, i.e. replenish the daily rate, which is at least 1,280-1,300 mg, you need to drink 200 grams of milk or eat 110 grams of salmon (canned, not separated otkostochek). In the presence of twins, the number of recommended products should be doubled. Of course, at one time to eat 220 grams of salmon meat does not constitute a big one, but the next day it is not likely to be repeated again. It's not enough for every man to drink half a liter of milk, and a pregnant woman can not cope with it even harder.

In case of multiple pregnancy, food should be special

For future large mothers is a dutyto take food that is abundant in protein, minerals, vitamins, which will benefit the child and his mother. All this is considered the norm, however, the toxicosis that often accompanies pregnancy, as well as associated altered needs for food, requires some adjustments in food intake:

  1. Food intake should be limited to small portions andmake it six-time. Eating in the intervals of 3-4 hours, you will replenish your strength and thus have a beneficial effect on the state of sugar in the blood. Do not forget that lowering sugar is a harbinger of overloads in the nervous system and an increased risk of miscarriage.
  2. Carbohydrates and proteins must be taken incombination, since the excess amount of carbohydrates found in fruits and confectionery products, also causes instability of sugar. For the full effect, it is more advisable to add cheese (a small amount) to the apple or pear.
  3. Contain sugar at the proper level will helpsoaking a serving of milk for the night. A great benefit will be eaten before going to bed 100 g ice cream-plombir, divorced in milk, a dry breakfast or a sandwich with cheese.
  4. The amount of water drunk per day mustto make at least two liters - this will prevent constipation and protect against urogenital infections that arise from the resulting imbalance of microflora in the vagina.
  5. Do not take drinks with alcohol and caffeine.
  6. A pregnant woman needs salt too, but the amount should be very small. Categorically exclude from the diet excess fat!

Eating prinimnopodii - some additions

If a woman leads a normal life, then daily, the composition of which is very diverse, serves as a supplier of all life-important substances growing in the womb of the mother to children.

Before conception, many of the women observed the diet, theundermining their health, and this as a consequence has affected their births. In such situations, a principally new approach is applied to the krai, which needs a complete change, being guided by future children. Also, the prescription includes vitamin complexes.

Biological supplements replenish the supply of iron, butit is much more useful to take natural food, because the synthesis of vitamins and minerals by an artificial method is only one-tenth of a percent in the body. Women in a state of pregnancy, and even those who, in the hope of losing weight, limited themselves to eating, need a serious replenishment of the lack of organic substances.

Liver, meat, fish, eggs - that's far from completea list of products that will replenish the body's level of iron, proteins and B vitamins, which will greatly benefit the nervous system of the future mother and her children.

From a lack of calcium, first of all, suffersthe strength of the bone system - it's teeth, and nails, and hair. Of course, without calcium, the female organism can not function normally, but first of all it is necessary for the growth and development of intrauterine babies.

In order for the kids to be strong, so thatyour teeth were in order, you should be very careful about making sure that your body enters your system regularly. If, for example, you do not like milk, you can get kefir, cottage cheese, cheese, and also juices with a lot of calcium to replace it. Food supplements can also be taken in some cases, but on the advice of the doctors who controlled your condition before conception , and also observed the development of your children in the womb.

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