/ How to knit booties, master class. Warm booties, crocheted from a wool coat, step-by-step photos, video

How to knit booties, master class. Warm booties, crocheted from a wool coat, step-by-step photos, video

Yarn: acid wool woolen yarn (20% wool, 80% acrylic, 50 g / 110 m)
Color: Mint
Consumption: 100 gr.
Tools: hook №2,5, centimeter tape
Density of knitting in the horizontal: 2.2 loops per cm.
The size of the pins: 18

How to knit booties - step by step instruction

We take measurements:

We measure the leg of the child in the girth just above the ankle. On the basis of this size, the mating pattern will be calculated. We take an arbitrary size - 18.

We knit a "shank"

  1. We type the crocheted chain until its length is 18, that is, 39 loops.

    The number of loops should be divisible by 3 without any rest.
  2. We connect in a ring. For lifting, make two loop chains, then you need to knit in a circle columns with a crochet.

  3. Thus, we make 4 rows.

Crocheted holes for the ribbon:

To booties made with their own hands, were elegant, we will decorate the finished product with a satin ribbon. How to make a place for lacing is shown in detail in the video:

We send a column with a crochet, make an air loop, then we again knit a column with a crochet through one loop from the previous column and again make an air loop. So, on the whole series.

The knitting pattern of the "tongue" of the pinets:

  1. We send a row of columns without a crochet.
  2. Now divide the number of loops by 3 (13 pieces). Two-thirds we tie off the columns without a crochet, we turn and knit 13 loops in the opposite direction also with columns without a crochet.
  3. Next, 6 rows we will knit the pillars without a crochet.

  4. At the end of the 7th row we skip one loop of the previous row and we knit a column without a crochet, to the edge. There should be 12 loops in a row. We make a turn.
  5. Similarly we make 7 more rows of our booties. The scheme is such that in the last row there should remain 5 loops.

We pick up the booties:

  1. Set make a crochet on the sides of the tongue. Each row is one loop. Immediately we tie them with columns without a crochet. Loops should be 14.
  2. We go to the main part of knitting and continue to move in a circle, tying the bars without a crochet. Once again reaching the tongue, we also hook 14 loops.
  3. Now you need to knit in a circle all the loops of the booties - 4 rows.

How to match the sole:

  1. In the fifth row, we make 27 columns without the crochet (13 from the shank, plus 14 from the tongue) to get out to the booties' mink.
  2. We impose five loops in the center of the tongue.
  3. Instead of lifting we sew a half-shell without a muffin with the main mating, and we return back.
  4. Begin to add 1 loop from the main mating plus half-loop instead of the loop for lifting. We stop when there are 13 loops.
  5. The 13th loop is knitted as follows: enter the hook, make a loop, take one more loop from the main mating. We mess three together.

    We make a turn and half-roll with the main mating instead of a loop for lifting at the end of the row.
  6. We repeat the actions. We also make 9 rows.

  7. The remainder of the series is bound according to this pattern:

We hook 12 loops and one loop with the main knit. We mess three together. We knit one loop instead of a pole for lifting. In the next row, in the same way we knit the 11th loop. The remaining five in the last row are closed together with the main loops.

Our product is ready!

As you can see, it is not difficult to bind booties from wool with your own hands, and the result will please both you and the one who will wear them. The legs of the baby will always be warm, you can be calm.

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