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The impact of mobile phones and laptops on the health of a pregnant woman

An unequivocal answer to this question has not yet beenExists because such studies are difficult to conduct, primarily because of the possible risk of adverse effects on the pregnant woman or her child.

However, research is still quite activeThe dials of our smaller ones are held. For example, in a joint study by the Yale School of Medicine and Yale University, a lot of experiments on white mice showed that if they are in the field of action of the radio frequencies of the mobile phone for a long time, then they start having memory problems and pathologically growing activity.

Exploring how the fetus develops by exampleBird eggs, scientists have established that out of three dozen eggs that developed in the incubator under the standard conditions, about two-thirds of the chicks hatched, while the vincubator, which was in the field of action of the mobile phone, was not more than half. Investigation of eggs, from which the chicks did not hatch, showed that some of the chicks could not hatch, having died due to damage in the cell membrane.

Statistical surveys of children inJunior schoolchildren whose mothers actively used cellular communication during pregnancy, show that about 10% of schoolchildren suffer from symptoms of hyperactivity and attention deficit, that is, they are notable for adherence to the generally accepted rules of behavior.

Today, one can not unequivocally talk aboutConfirmed the fact of damage to mobile phones, but there are more and more facts that they nevertheless have a non-negative effect. What measures to protect against this threat can be offered to a pregnant woman? First of all, it is necessary to adhere to the above rules:

  • When typing a text message, the mobile phone should be kept away from the body;
  • For the same purposes, you should use a headset or a speakerphone when making a call;
  • Use the phone only at the maximum signal level, because with a bad signal, the phone begins to amplify the transmitter power, thereby increasing the radiation;
  • With outgoing calls, try to hold the receiver to your ear only when the other person has already answered;
  • When you go to bed, try to put the phone away from yourself;
  • Use only the phones of well-known manufacturers that have all the safety certificates.

Is it harmful to work on tablets and laptops during the period of pregnancy?

Like the case with the phone, it is considered that the fieldFrom laptops and flat-plates to some extent can increase the risk of developing diseases of the blood of cancerous tumors. However, this mainly refers to a defective or defective technique that can generate a field that is higher in power, which is safe.

Below we give a number of recommendations that, if followed, will help to ensure safety for the mother and her unborn child:

  • Just like the phone, try to keep away from the body when working on the laptop;
  • Remember that many tablet computers now have the ability to serve as mobile phones, so that all the rules that were described above apply to them;
  • Try as far as possible to remove the laptop power supply from yourself.

In the world of modern technologies that make our life more comfortable, they often forget about the problems that accompany the benefits that these technologies give.

Remember that, despite the time savings andConvenience, there is no more priority and important than your health and the health of your children. Try to adhere to the above rules during pregnancy.

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