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Progesterone insufficiency in pregnancy

Excess of the female hormone during pregnancyDoctors of fears, as a rule, do not cause. But even the slightest shortage of this hormone can threaten pregnancy, not to mention other negative consequences that progesterone deficiency entails.

To detect progesterone insufficiency is extremelyOften it makes itself felt directly during the treatment of some other diagnosed disease. However, this ailment has characteristic distinctive symptoms. First of all, this infertility in women, another significant symptom - the complete absence of ovulation, some diseases of the mammarygel, a huge accumulation of fluid, some swelling, permanent miscarriages of early pregnancy, lowering body temperature - all this suggests that progesterone is on the nose.

Causes of development of progesterone during pregnancy

The main reasons for the development during pregnancy progesterone insufficiency include:

  • Absolute absence of ovulation in women who reached childbearing age.
  • Certain violations of the function of the yellow body or the placenta itself.
  • Enough thorough excess of pregnancy (more is known as perenashivanie child).
  • Intrauterine delay in embryo formation, although this phenomenon rarely leads to progesterone insufficiency, but the probability of developing the disease still remains.
  • Often unsuccessful abortion or hormonal failure leads to a shortage of progesterone.
  • Untreated and persistent irregularities in the menstrual cycle.
  • Copious uterine bleeding.
  • Various chronic diseases, as well as infectious and inflammatory in the reproductive system of women.
  • Renal insufficiency.
  • Prolonged intake of certain potent medicines.
  • Certain oncological diseases.

Treatment of progesterone insufficiency

Today, there is no universal method forTreatment of progesterone insufficiency. Each case is individual, therefore, to be effective, the doctor selects a subjective treatment scheme, strictly based on the individuality of the patient.

It is worth noting that the lack of progesterone canTo possess a real value only when at the time of pregnancy until sixteen weeks there is a threat of miscarriage. However, there are cases when the threat of miscarriage was preserved during pregnancy more than 20 weeks. In this case, the pregnant woman will have to re-take a series of tests - a general blood test (bleeding from the vein) for the maintenance of a specific hormone, a swab from the vagina. If the results of the tests showed that the threat of miscarriage at this term of pregnancy is protected, then the pregnant women are prescribed progestins, which do not have any irrigational or masculinizing properties. In this case, the following preparations are perfect: morning, duffaston, 17-OPK. But it is worth remembering that it is dangerous to engage in therapy, especially during pregnancy, so do not follow the "authoritative" recommendations and advice of people who do not know.

To pick up really effective and suitableA medicinal preparation can only be taken by your doctor who will be pregnant from the first day and knows your general condition. Moreover, the treatment of the doctor only after careful examination.

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