/ / Bartholinitis - an inflammation of the bartholin gland

Bartholinitis - an inflammation of the Bartholin gland

The cause of the occurrence of such a disease mayServe gonococcus, streptococcus, staphylococcus, trichomonads, E. coli, and other viruses. It should be noted that more often bartolinite is identified with all kinds of microorganisms. On the small-headed lip, in its inner part there is an excretory duct. On the eve of the vagina, this duct opens. If germs enter the tissue of the gland, then this can serve as the beginning of the development of such a disease. Infectious bacteria penetrate into the Bartholin gland from the urethra or vagina with urethritis or colpitis. The most rare cases are when the infection occurs through the blood.

Hence, bartholinite is caused byNon-observance of the principles of personal hygiene, pristine sexual intercourse, and also in the presence of HIV infections in the body. Also, the disease can develop if the body is weakened and exhausted. In such cases, reduced immunity is observed, stresses and vitamin deficiencies aggravate this process. It is worth noting that the cause can serve as a complicated condition after various surgical interventions.

Classification and signs of disease

Bartholinitis of the vaginal side is divided into two forms. The first form can be referred to acute form, and the second type refers to the chronic form of the disease.

During the acute form, redness is observedThe surface of the labia minora, precisely in the area of ​​the Bartholin gland opening. In this case, the excretory protokutoltschaetsya and inspection is palpated, accompanied by painful sensations. After a while, the swelling is increased, so that this duct begins to close. This fact becomes the cause of the spread of inflammation to the iron tissue and the beginning of the development of bartholtinitis. Thus, in the iron ducts a secret accumulates, which begins to fester, a phenomenon called a false iron abscess. The general condition worsens, fatigue increases, constant weakness is observed, the overall temperature of the body rises to 38 degrees or even higher. Also characterized by acute pain vrajone external genitalia, in the field of inflammation. Such pain sensations can increase during movement, for example, when walking, and also in the process of exertion. The skin of the large lip in the genital area of ​​the inflamed gland acquires a red color, and also takes on a swollen form. If the abscess is opened in an independent manner, the general condition improves, the pain sensations become dulled, and the temperature begins to subside.

Bartholinitis, occurring in an acute form, is caused by the formation of an abscess, both false, with the formation of pus, and true.

Bartolinitronic form has a longPeriod of percolation, as well as occasional inflammations accompanying it: in case of exacerbation, for example, during hypothermia, or as a consequence of a transferred disease, the menstrual cycle can also play its role. In addition to the period of exacerbation, Bartholinitis can not be troubled at all. Rarely can manifest at the time of sexual acts, which can be accompanied by pain. Body temperature remains normal and overall health is also at the level of the usual condition. There are cases when the chronic form of bartolinite leads to the appearance and development of large gland cysts in the vaginal area. People who carry the chronic form of this disease, sometimes feel pain and discomfort at the time of walking, and there are unpleasant sensations during sexual intercourse. Appear large organs of the genital area, namely in the area of ​​the inflamed gland. Large-forehead lip acquires a swollen condition, correspondingly increases.

Treatment process

The very treatment, it is necessary to form, relying onStage of the disease. It is worth noting that such a disease when it appears begins to progressively develop. Therefore, a call to a specialist after the term most often leads to surgical intervention.

Treatment of the conservative plan is carried out for the cure of the maliculitis, being in acute form of manifestation of the disease. Thus, the inflammatory process can be immediately eliminated.

Apply such methods:

  • the application of a warmer, filled with ice, to the site of inflammation;
  • there are such therapies that are directedto fight inflammatory areas, that is locally - applying impregnated levomekolem tampons, as well as Wisnevsky ointment, Ichthyol, a solution mirovistina, and many others.
  • Therapies aimed at combatingwith bacteria. In this case, depending on the pathogens, a certain number of drugs is selected. As a rule, treatment proceeds with the help of antibiotics of penicillin origin, for example amoxiclav, or cephalosporin family, it can be tsifran or ceftriaxone. Also, it can be drugs of the family of imidazoles, such as tinidazole or trichopolum. It is also worth noting that any treatment with antibiotics should not exceed more than seven days.
  • multivitamins are widely used.

With regard to cases where there is a cyst present or progressively develops an abscess, here treatment is possible only with the help of surgical intervention.

If an abscess is formed, the purulent areaopen by opening, while removing all the contents. The internal cavity is treated with a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution. After treatment, a special tube is placed in the cavity, which pushes out the new pus formations. And five days after the operation, they evacuate her. Also, in addition to surgical treatment, antibiotics, adla for maintaining the body and vitamins are prescribed.

The wound after the operation should be regularly treated with a solution of hydrogen peroxide. And the cavity of the abscess itself is filled with a swab soaked in Vishnevsky's ointment or left-handed.

Surgical approach to killing an inflamed gland cyst

Outside of an exacerbation of an inflammation spendTreatment of the cyst. The side of the surgical intervention has two forms. In the first case, this is the introduction of an artificial iron duct for the purpose of outflowing secretions. In the second case, this removal of the Bartholin gland.

After treatment procedures and complete elimination of inflammation, physiotherapy procedures are appointed, approximately on the third or fourth day.

Also after the procedures, patients are prescribed sexual rest, because there is a chance to infect a partner. The very cause of the disease is important to eliminate immediately, to avoid the recurrence of bartholinitis.

It is very important for patients to comply with personal hygiene: in time to wash out (two to three times a day), it is desirable to have cotton underwear, periodically change pads or tampons.

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